I’ve been playing!

So, Steve got me what I asked for as a birthday present – a tripod! I’m very happy about it – since I’ve got a new, awesome camera, I needed a tripod for family portraits (which need to be done soon!) or self-portraits or night, etc. Of course, I had to play. So yesterday afternoon I set it up and did my makeup and decided to play. I was totally inspired by Holly McCaig’s new Lollipop Smiles site. I’m loving this style of the brighter-than-bright look with the oversaturated colors and just POW!! I don’t have the setup she does, but I gave it a try anyway. Setup the camera and my backdrop and pulled down a lamp from the boy’s room that gives me more light. Not enough – not studio lighting by any stretch – but it helped. I took probably 50-60 photos. Turned on the timer, hit the button, ran to sit down and threw on a face. I tried doing some sexy looks, but they ended up just looking mad, constipated or as if my IQ dropped 50 points. The best ones were fun, silly faces and one serious one. I pulled them up, cropped them and ran 2 actions on each photo. One was MCP’s Magic Skin action to smooth out the skin (lightly) and one was MCP’s Eye Doctor to make my eyes pop more. Then I opened them in Lightroom and ran actions on them for fun urban, bright, or whatever look.  Mostly, I used Grundgy Pink, Kabam It, In the Woods, Dream & Dingy; but I used some others, too. I never just run the action, though. I’m always over in the sliders, moving and nudging to get more of what I want. I couldn’t get exactly what I wanted on any of them, but I still thought they were super fun!

I had fun & I think the end result is pretty cool. It’s cool to have photos that are more “fun” than “pretty”, y’know?