It’s That Time of Year Again!

What’s that, you might ask? Fall harvest time? Halloween? Columbus Day festivities? Oh…I know! Breast cancer awareness!! No, no, no and no!  (Well…technically it’s yes, yes, yes & yes, but that’s not what I’m talking about)

Once again, we here at Motherhood…Unscripted are celebrating Down Syndrome Awareness month!! Why?? Because people with DS are awesome and amazing and need to be recognized.

We are celebrating big this year. Back in July, the National Down Syndrome Society (NDSS) put out a call looking for pictures for their annual Times Square video in New York. I entered a photo and forgot about it. In August, I got an email that my photo was one of about 200 that were chosen (out of over 1200) and Henry would appear bigger than life over Broadway. So cool and so amazing.

I decided to send the press release information to our local papers. One of them ran it right away and the other contacted me last month saying that they wanted to do a whole story about it. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to attend the New York event, but they thought it still would be a good story, so they interviewed me and ran a piece in this past Sunday’s paper. I saw it first thing Sunday morning online, but it wasn’t until my mom brought the paper over that I got overcome. There was a small picture of Henry on the front page, advertising the story inside. When you got the section referenced, there he was all over the front page of that section. Here’s a picture from outside his classroom at school

Isn’t that awesome?? Almost the entire front page of that section. I’m so proud of him!!

Yesterday, the video was posted on the NDSS site. It doesn’t look like I can embed it here, but here’s a link.

I really loved seeing all the amazing, special people who share Henry’s extra chromosome and was just thrilled when his picture popped up. I hope you will be, too.