It’s Fall, Y’all

Y’know how I know? No, it’s not the dropping temperatures or the changing leaves or the start of new shows on TV. It’s the fact that our calendar has become stuffed with events that only happen in the fall. Like football games, Homecoming, school conferences, concerts, plays and Halloween preparations. Of course in the midst of all this insanity (and driving), Steve is acting in a production of “Doubt” and has begun rehearsals for the musical he’s directing at his school and my parents have left town for a month. Leaving me to deal with all these appointments, events & chauffeur duties on my lonesome. I iz sad, y’all. The best way to show how I feel is a combination of this:

and this:

Tonight is opening night of Maggie’s 1st high school play, “Fahrenheit 451”. I dropped her off at the call time and now I’m sitting in Starbucks, using their WiFi (which is better than mine, grrr) until I can go see it in about 45 minutes. I made the mistake of asking if I could take pictures after the show and was told, in no uncertain terms, that I was NOT ALLOWED. I attempted to explain that while she is only concerned about “looking pretty” now, in 15-20 years she’s going to wish she had pictures of these shows. I basically got, “I don’t care, you’re an idiot, NO PICTURES.” My instinctual response is to go, “Pffft….whatever, CHILD. Shut up and stand there while I do whatever the bloody blazes I wish because I’M THE MOM.” We’ll see. I’m sure she won’t make a scene if I pull it out and just start shooting.

On the 1st, Maggie went to her first Homecoming dance. She decided to go with her friend, Abi, and shun the boys. I was quite proud of her and glad that she did that. She got all gussied up and blew my mind.

I cannot even believe how grown up and beautiful she is. It’s as if she’s suddenly 17 and I missed 4 years. Not fair.

Can’t believe we’re already there. <sigh>

We’re already getting our Halloween costumes in order as well. Steven decided quite a while ago to be a Dalek. We enlisted the help of my dad, who majored in engineering and is amazing at coming up with how to make stuff like this. He got as much done as he could before they left and this is where we are:

Steven's costume is coming right along, thanks to my ama... on TwitpicI still have more balls to add, some cups on the top for the clear light thingies and some other little tweaks, but I think this is pretty amazing. It was so important that it be really mobile for trick-r-treating and he could get up & down stairs & curbs. My dad came up with the idea to use fabric for the outer shell and create it so it can be lifted like a hoop skirt & collapses like an accordion when removed. It’s not an exact replica, by any means, but it’s so cool. Now I have to figure out how to attach some sort of blue light in the eye stalk (plunger) on the head piece. I’m sure there’s something simple I can do.

After seeing this, I decided that instead of a bear, William will be the 10th Doctor. I got him a little vest suit, a white dress shirt, red Converse hi-tops, a sonic screwdriver. I have to find a burgundy tie and figure out how to David Tennant his hair. I’d love for him to have the glasses, but I don’t think he’d keep them on. He’s going to be excited. He loves Doctor Who. He recognizes pictures of David Tennant and identifies him as “Doctor Whooooooo”. He knows the music and loves the Daleks. He’ll also ask for it on the TiVo. ‘Dah-tah Hooooooooo!!”, he says. He’s going to be adorable.

Now I just have to figure out how to be a Tardis.