It’s Been Rough

Oh my gosh, y’all. It has been a crazy, difficult 24 hours.
My water did break last night at 9:15. Contractions started about 20 minutes later & by 10:30 I was ensconced in L&D.
I labored okAy with it getting unbearable at 2:30 am. It was never that painful with Steven or Henry; but then again, My water never broke with them. I simply couldn’t do it. I begged for an epidural & they called the doctor right away. It took her about 45 minutes to get there & I was dying. By far, the most difficult part was getting the epi, because you have to hold SO STILL. I had 3 ctx while she was putting it in & I honestly didn’t think I’d make it.
Three ctx later, I was all better. I fell asleep & slept for 2 hours or so before I started feeling the urge to push. That was a neat, unexpected part of the epi. With Maggie, I was completely numb. Couldn’t feel my legs at all – in fact, they had to wake me up so I could push. This time, my legs were tingly & wibbly, but I could move them. And I could feel the urge to push with each ctx.
I pushed once or twice before the doctor got there, and when he got there, the table disassembled & ready to go, I only had to push for about 6 sets of 3 and there was William!
I called my mom right before the pushing began & she &
Maggie made it for the last 3 sets of pushes. I’m so glad Maggie got to be there!
After they took care of Will, I got to hold him & nurse him for about 10 minutes when the nurse came over, not liking the way he was looking or sounding. She took him over to the warmer to check his vitals – including blood sugars – and decided to take him to the nursery for evaluation. That has been the last time I held him to date.
At first they just thought they needed to get his temp & O2 sats up, but the blood work came back with elevated white cells, so they had to treat for infection. And the little stinker, just like his brother, ripped out the first 2 IVs they got in!
Later, the neonatalogist checked him out and determined the underlying problem is that his lungs were not fully developed, which really surprised me, since he’s 39 weeks 2 days. But, apparently, this is not uncommon, especially with boys. They gave him a surfectant treatment and now it’s just a matter of waiting. I can’t hold or nurse him and I’m ACHING for him. I’m pumping, but I need my hands on him. This is so incredibly hard. I’ve done some crying & weeping & lots of worrying. They say he’ll probably have to stay for 3-5 days, so THAT sucks. But we will get through.
Anyway. Turns out he wasn’t nearly as big as we all thought – only 8 pounds, 4 ounces & 20″ long! So much for speculation, eh?