It has begun

Our daughter has become one of us. A theatre geek. Today she had her first audition for a play. She’s taking a class though Christian Youth Theatre called Acting For the Fun of It. And because she’s taking the class, she gets to audition for their production of Narnia. So, today she auditioned. She had 1 minute to sing a song of her choosing & show off her skills. She decided to sing “Popular” from Wicked and, of course, it was Mommy’s job to get her the accompaniment track of the exact minute she needed. Which meant Mommy spent the day searching the internet for a downloadable version of the karaoke track. After wasting an hour on the web, I thought to check ITunes where they, of course, had it. For $1. So I downloaded it & then started searching for a program to use to edit it. That took another hour or so. Then I spent 3 hours fighting with the program – turning the file into something editable by the program I found. Which turned out meaning burning the song to a CD, then importing it into the program. Then editing it. Then saving it, reimporting the edited file into ITunes and burning it from there. Y’know how I know that? Because I tried EVERY OTHER POSSIBLE PERMUTATION KNOWN TO MAN. It was horrible. Got it done, though, and she had a great audition. In fact, we just got the call 1/2 an hour ago that she got called back for tomorrow. For the longest callback I’ve ever heard of. From 9am – 2pm tomorrow. “Bring a lunch”, they said. Yikes.

Henry has taken up a new habit that I find terrifically annoying. Whenever I’m holding him, he insists on jamming one hand down the front of my shirt. And nestling it. Uncomfortably. Just totally creepy – for 2 reasons: 1. The boy can’t have any memory of nursing or the comfort found therein. Because he never was able to nurse. 2. Because it’s totally icky & creepy. I hate it. It’s quite disconcerting to have to pull a random arm out of your shirt all the time. Snerk.