This is what God decided to talk to me about today. At church today, I was hanging out in the choir room reading an old issue of “Worship Leader” magazine. I came across an article about Brian Doerkson and his thoughts on structuring worship & ministries for people with special needs. He has 3 children with Fragile X Syndrome (which, oh my GOSH) and it really, really moved me. I started thinking about our church. We have a few people in the congregation with special needs – cognitive impairments, developmental delays, physical needs, etc – but it doesn’t seem we really have much in place to specifically minister to these people. As I thought more about it, I started thinking about all the children who have issues – autism & DS are 2 that come to mind immediately. While it’s important to include these children in with the mainstream Sunday School classes, I think they also need special attention to help them truly learn about God. Being able to understand the Gospel message & what it means for them. Encouraging their participation in the life of the church, from learning & growing in the Word, to developing their gifts & finding ways for them to serve. Additionally, providing loving service to the families of special needs kids. Maybe giving them a break now & then. Then I started thinking about other special needs that maybe aren’t being met – deaf ministry was the 1st thing that came to mind. I’ve begun learning some ASL for a few worship songs – wouldn’t it be great if we could have ASL interpretation for the whole service? I’m just thinking out loud. I think I wanna figure out a way to do something in this area, but I wouldn’t even know where to begin. Teaching kids with special needs how to worship? Would ROCK.