I’m Still Alive

I made it through. Seven 13-year old girls spent the night and I didn’t die. So, yay for me!

It actually turned out to be pretty fun for them, I think. Everybody came in costume and we did a photo shoot. I spent the rest of the night editing the pictures and printed them out in the morning for them to take home. It was awesome to see how beautiful & awesome they all were. I hope it gave them some insight to what’s really inside each of them.

No really scary movies watched. We saw Jaws which, unfortunately, seemed to be scratched at every point where there was a shark attack, so some of the suspense got lost. Lots of food, a bit of dancing, doing each other’s nails – all that stuff. It turned out really well and Maggie was pleased, so I win as mom in this situation. The only bad part was my lack of sleep. I feel as if a truck has bashed into me. And yet, here I am at midnight, blogging instead of sleeping. For I am made of dumb.

Okay – I’m going to bed. I’ll try to do better tomorrow.