I’m so sorry

I cannot believe it’s been a whole week since I’ve posted!! Oh my goodness, how time flies when you’re busy. I have been so busy getting ready for the September 1st festivities at the store!! I’m trying to get a bunch of new stuff done so there will be lots of new offerings for those who wish to shop. I’ve got 3 kits (almost) done and I’ve got at least one more in the wings. Plus some cool elements I want to add – some alphas, stitching, etc. I have such a laundry list of things to tweak before then – I just hope I can get it all done!!

We’ve got so much cool stuff planned, though. Some awesome challenges run by a couple of my fantastical CT ladies – with 2 amazing prizes in the works. Plus we’re going to have a chat on 9/2 over in the chat room at DST. Lots of cool prizes there, too! I hope you’ll join us. We’re going to just be silly & girly over there and have some fun handing out gifts.

So my reunion is coming up on Saturday!! I’m so excited & so nervous at the same time. My mom took me outfit shopping on Saturday and we found a spectacular outfit at Dress Barn. We got a tea-length godet skirt with this amazingly cool asymmetical hem done with chiffon panels. The skirt ends at tea length & the chiffon hangs further down – adding a spinny aspect to it. Then we got a black button-front top with long sleeves that end in a chiffon trumpet cuff. Black beading on the front with scalloped hem that’s beaded as well, providing some weight to help it hang down. Then these cool shoes to finish it off.  I’ve always wanted shoes like this, but never worn them. Of course, my feet are so gnarly that I had to get a pedicure. Which, if you know me, is close to dental work for me. But I couldn’t wear these shoes without it – at least without looking like a gnarled old troll. Today, then, was “appointment day”. Started off with Henry’s 8:00 am physical therapy. He’s really working hard on walking and is doing really well walking behind his shopping cart. Still can’t quite stand independently or walk unassisted, but he’s soooooo close. Then at 9:45, Steven’s OT arrives. He has that and then Henry has his turn. Immediately, we all climb in the car to go to Steven’s doctor appointment. Just a school physical. He’s so incredibly serious at the doctor – wouldn’t answer any questions put to him – just had big old saucer-eyes and pursed lips. Followed instructions to the letter and just stared. He’s so totally awesome.

We met my mom at the doctor’s and she took all 3 kids back to my house while I ran to Mario Tricoci for a pedicure & a hair appointment. I haven’t had a pedi in…..oh……years. So my feet’s is rough to say the least. I get a lovely woman of, I believe, Eastern European descent and the look on her face was thinly disguised horror. She looks at my nobbly toes with chipped polish & misshapen nails and my big calluses on my heels and just sighs. For the life of me, I could not watch her work. I had to grab a magazine & read because the thought of watching her pick at my feet was more than I could handle. Just nasty. She tried her best to get the heel calluses gone, but even with all her strength in filing, she couldn’t get it all. Ew. Just Ew.

And then I got my haaaaaair cuuuuut! Since I usually have my hair up in a clip 24/7, I hadn’t really noticed how long it had become. She cut about 3″ off before she even shampooed me. And gave me a trixie-cute lovely cut still with some length, but with great style. I actually tried to get a picture of it, but my picture stinks.  She made it so smooth & straight – it looked amazing. I didn’t even recognize myself. Can’t wait to see how it looks with the natural curl left in. I’ve never been very good at the whole “haircut” thing. I can’t for the life of me make conversation with my stylist. I can’t ever think of anything to say. I end up watching the other haircuts going on in the salon and admiring them. There were quite a few kids getting cuts today. One mother brought her 2 daughters in for cuts. One was maybe 10, the other 14, maybe? Fantastic cuts that looked great on them. Then the smaller girl got up and come over where her sister was finishing up. That’s when I saw her t-shirt. “Just charge it to my Dad’s account.” That totally turned me off. What a statement about how the ladies in that family view their father/husband. Ew.

Great haircut gotten, I returned home to check on everyone & then went for my last appointment – my lovely gynecologist. Say it with me, sisters: “EW.” Found a new doctor to get my yearly pokes & smears and ask some very girly questions that have WAY too much information to share with y’all. I’m tired.

Oh…I’ve been watching Brotherhood, thanks to some kindly people I know, and I looooooove Michael Caffee. I know he’s a sociopathic, murderous gangster, but he’s just yummy. So lonely and in need of approval. And dangerous. Oh yeah, and hot. It kills me that I’m so attracted to the very very bad boy, but somewhere along the line it got hard-wired into my psyche and I can’t shut it off. Can I just say, though, that I HATE the character of his girlfriend? She’s skanky, insane, stalkerish, and dumb as a box of hair. They really need to create a more mature character for him to fall for – someone more “fleshed out”, older, more interesting, funny, maybe even a little non-traditionally attractive?? Who can sing really well?? Named Christy?? Just my $.02. I could be wrong.