I’m so OLD.

I am HURTING, y’all. Maggie’s school had a family night at the roller rink. And Mommy has not skated in, oh, 20 years or so? Roller skating is way harder than I remember it. I used to skate quite a bit in junior high and I thought it would just all come back. And much of it did, after a couple rounds. However, the whole bit when you have to go from skating in a circle to where you head off the rink to go sit down proved too difficult for me. I had some SPECTACULAR falls, let me tell you. I had one coming off from the rink to the carpet where I went face first into the carpet, landing on my knees & palms. Then I wiped out into the splits. Then I started off the rink & my feet came out from under me & I SLAMMED down HARD on my butt & palms. I know have big bruises on both knees, my palms, my thumb and my ankles, knees & hips are KILLING me. I’m gonna be hurting tomorrow, that’s for sure. Roller skating’s hard, y’all.