I’m ahead of the game for once!

I cannot believe it. I am actually ahead of myself on something. With getting our Christmas pictures done on Henry’s birthday and a Christmas card thread on DST, I actually got our Christmas card done. Totally freaking myself out, y’all.

We all went to the dentist today. Actually not too bad. So far, so good. We’ve got no cavities. Henry had his first exam, which he was NOT amused by. He’s not happy when people mess around with his mouth & usually bites the CRAP out of my fingers when I try to feel around in there. He was not happy. He was totally confused as to what was going on – what was this big chair? What is that light? Why is that lady wearing those weird glasses and face mask? Then we had to hold him down so they could try to look at his teeth & he went all ballistic. Not happy. But they at least got a look at the teeth he has & marked them down. Didn’t see any cavities (though how they could tell that so quickly is beyond me). Could see that he’s got 3 teeth about to erupt. So all 3 kids are done & then it’s my turn. And apparently I haven’t been flossing enough, cuz that hygenist was scraping off what felt like 30 centuries of old plaster, asphalt and rust or something. I’ve got caps on the 6 teeth on the top front of my mouth and when she set to scraping those, I turned into a horror film. I knew I was bleeding because I could taste it, but she actually commented on it & then she stopped and mumbled something about applying pressure. Then she pushes some gauze into my gumline. When she pulls it away, I gasped. The thing was SOAKED. So she warned me that I need to do better at home or next time she’d have to do a (dun dun DUUNNNNN) deep cleaning. Which requires some anesthetic, apparently. I haaaaaate the dentist.