I Wish…

…more than anything……more than life….♫♪♪

I swear, everything phrase I say brings a song to mind.

Anyway, I’m just thinking about stuff I wish would happen. Or I could do.

1. I wish I could go see a live taping of the Greg Proops podcast in L.A. I’m not sure if I’d be able to, but I would just love to be there to see all the stuff that he does that I can’t see when I’m listening. I love his podcast and, while I don’t agree with much of his politics and he swears a bit too much for me, I do love listening to his mind work. A good improviser is just a pleasure to listen to.

2. I also wish that I could attend a live taping of Craig Ferguson’s show. I might be able to make this happen when we go to my brother’s wedding, but I don’t know if it’ll all come together. I would wish to sit up as close as possible so I could see if his eyes are as twinkly live as they are on my HDTV.

3. I wish I could make the imaginary concert in my head as I walk on the treadmill actually happen. I keep myself going, as I’ve said before, by listening to a bunch of songs that really pump me up and rock me out and (okay, I’m going to embarrass myself here) sometimes I close my eyes and pretend I’m performing them. I’m totally rocking out and killing it. And, yes, part of me wishes I could really do that.

4. I wish I could be inside Henry’s head for an hour or two. I would love to be able to see how he sees things, how he interprets things, what he thinks about, what different sensory input does for him. I’d love to see what he sees.

A moment to interrupt here. I am watching what has to be the WORST MOVIE EVER MADE. It’s called 2012: Ice Age and, against all evidence to the contrary, it was made in 2011. It stars Julie McCullough (remember her from Growing Pains? ) I honestly haven’t seen special effects this bad since Gamera. The acting is so bad, it’s not even bad. It’s hysterical. I’m just laughing and laughing and laughing. There’s a glacier more than 10 times the size of Manhattan moving at about 200 mph hitting North America and disintegrating the Eastern Seaboard. And, apparently, they’re trying to outrun it in a Taurus. There is zero continuity, special effects that I could do better with Photoshop (and, yes, I know Photoshop doesn’t do movie effects. THAT’S how bad they are.) It seems that the actors don’t even have a script, they’re just making stuff up as they go along. They are commenting on everything they’re doing and reacting to life-or-death situations at about 5% reaction capacity. I truthfully cannot even begin to express the hysterical awfulness of this thing, but it’s on Netflix streaming. Watch it so I can know that this is really a thing & I’m not making it up.

Aw, shucks. Now I can’t remember what other “I wish” things I had lined up. Oh, well. Maybe I’ll do a follow-up later. I have to pay attention to this thing they’re calling a “movie” because I cannot actually believe what I’m witnessing. I mean, there are skyscraper sized chunks of glacier flying through the air and smashing things and the only reaction from the leads is, “Is everybody okay?? Okay, we gotta get moving.” Wow. I guess anybody can be an actor.