I Hate Today

This has been one of the worst days in my recent memory. Everything that could go wrong, it seems, did. Come with me, won’t you, as I recount my stupid, smelly, craptastic day.

I got up late and wasn’t able to get a shower before taking the kids to school. I hate that, because I know I feel grungy and look terrible as I drop the kids off, but it’s either that or make them late for school. I ran Henry to school, dropped him off, headed back home to get Maggie & Steven and dropped them off. I got back home by 8:10 and was literally about to step in the shower when the phone rang. The nurse from Henry’s school tells me he’s got a fever of 101.8 and I need to get him now. And it begins.

I called the doctor’s office and got an appointment for 9:45. Jumped in the shower quickly, dried my hair, slapped on some makeup, got William dressed and shot back to the school by 8:50. I knew I had a little time , so I ran to Hobby Lobby to get some yarn I needed for the amigurumi patterns I’m making. I got in & out of there in record time and, as I get to the car, I slip on a patch of ice and fall on my right side, racking my elbow and soaking myself in the stupid ice puddle as well as dropping my new yarn in said puddle. I am now furious. Oh, and hurting.

I got the boys in the car and started back to the doctor’s appointment. Thankfully, the dashboard signal went off to tell me I only had 4 miles till empty, so I quickly filled up the gas tank. I was now 5 minutes late for my appointment and still had at least 10 minutes to drive to get there. And, of course, I got stuck behind stupid traffic on STUPID ROUTE 14 and arrived 20 minutes late. I rushed us inside and was told I would get in, but it would be a wait. As I sat, I realized that another person sitting there had a 10:00 appointment and was still sitting there at 10:25. I had to pick Steven up at 10:45 for an 11:15 orthodontist appointment, so I knew I couldn’t wait. I told the receptionist and rescheduled for 2:45 in the afternoon. We ran back to the car, got everybody buckled and raced home to get some windshield fluid & a pacifier for William and then ran to pick Steven up. I ran inside to get him and tell the teachers I couldn’t teach computers.

Happiest part of the day? Steven getting his braces off. He looks fantastic and is incredibly happy. Of course, Henry & William were wicked peeved about even being there.

Put everybody back in the car and took Steven back to school. Ran back home with the little 2 and put Henry in his room with a video to get him some rest until his new, 2:45 doctor’s appointment. I laid down with Will and immediately crashed into a deep, hard sleep for an hour.

Woke up, packed everybody back in the car and went back to the doctor’s. Had to wait about 30 minutes and found out that Henry’s got a virus. Apparently, she’s seen quite a few people who had strep, finished up their meds and then an underlying flu virus flourishes. So, yay, flu.

After we finished there, I had to run to Menards to get a new toilet lever arm for the one that broke in the powder room, a new room fan to replace the one that burned out yesterday and a new bathroom doorknob to replace the one the broke 2 years ago in our bathroom. Also got a 12 foot extend pole so maybe I can dust the ceiling fan in our vaulted ceiling because the dust on it makes me itchy. Finished that and was ready to head home at 4:30.

Of course, I then realized that dinner would be expected by my family. I wanted Chinese soup, so I called the order in and went to drop a package off at the post office. However, when I got there, I couldn’t find the shipping label I’d printed at home. Because my van looks like a fast food/Cheerio Armageddon. Hate.

Picked up the Chinese and went home. Took William out of the car with much fussiness and was amazed as he threw up on me. Because the day wasn’t bad enough yet and I was foolish enough to think it couldn’t get much worse. Now I’ve got Henry rocking this fever, William throwing up and, I’m sure, it won’t be much longer until I get it too.

So I’m done with today. Today can take a long walk off a short bridge. Today can stick a rubber hose up its nose. Today can kiss my big, ol’ white butt. I made it through, though I spent most of the day on the verge of tears. I hate you, today. Never talk to me again.