I got a new GIG!

A writing gig, y’all! In the course of my Entrecard dropping, I happened across a site that was looking for writers. I hopped over and checked it out & thought that maybe this would be a great fit for me.

It’s actually 2 sites in one – the main site is called Take Root and Write. It’s a Christian women’s social networking site with 2 wings. TRW has writers writing columns on all sorts of different topics like worship, missions, grief, homeschooling, and many, many others. I’ve taken on 2 columns! The first is Special Moms For Special Kids which is specifically geared towards moms of kids with special needs. I’m absolutely humbled to be writing anything on this subject, especially talking about it from a Biblical perspective. I actually posted my first article last night and will be doing new articles once a month there. The coolest part is that over on Christian Women Take Root, there are groups that correspond with each column so the group members can get together and talk, share experiences, and encourage one another. One is set up for my column here where I’ve already started a discussion.

My second column & group will be about scrapbooking!! I’m calling it Scrap You Stories and it’s going to be focusing on using scrapping to share the stories of your life. Your faith, your family, what’s important to you, how you’ve become the person you are now. That one’s not up yet – my first column’s due on the 18th. I’m hoping to incorporate some of the journaling class stuff I’ve done before and do challenges. Sharing layouts and talking about techniques will be cool, too.

If you’re a Christian woman looking for a great community, come on over & join up. So far it seems amazing – really great women, thought-provoking columns and tons of fellowship.