I Did Not Fully Understand

See, I’ve never had braces. I had an orthodontic appliance where there were 2 brackets on my back molars with a thick wire behind my bottom teeth – like this. So I was completely unaware about the actual pain experienced after braces are applied. I have had my top front 6 teeth capped, which hurt like crazy, and 2 wisdom teeth extracted, which was horrible, but I’ve never had braces.

I knew just intellectually that it hurts. You put metal stuff on your teeth and strapped wires to them, pulling, stretching, pushing your immobile teeth to different positions. That’s gonna hurt. Apparently, however, the pain is pretty darn bad in these first couple of days. My children are miserable, and Steven just has them on his top teeth.

I’ve been giving them the allowable dosage of Advil & Tylenol, offering popsicles and we even went out for smoothies today. We stopped at the hospital so Steven could say hi to Daddy and left Maggie in the car with Henry & Will. By the time we returned, Maggie was SOBBING. Tears just running down her face, trying to be brave and not complain, but the pain was more than she could bear. Not one to tolerate it when my kids are suffering, we went to the store and I stocked up. Two kinds of Anbesol, more Advil, popsicles. A Water Pik, books for Maggie and a Bionicle for Steven. Then off to pick up Easter dinner at Honeybaked Ham. Then to a Chinese restaurant to get soup & shrimp noodles for Maggie to eat. Looks like it’s going to be a couple days of smoothies, milkshakes, mashed potatoes (for Steven) and soup (for Maggie). Maggie doesn’t do mashed potatoes, pudding, yogurt or other soft foods. I just hope it gets better for them soon. Steven was actually insisting that we go back to the doctor and have the braces removed NOW. He said he’d rather have his crossbiting tooth pulled rather than continue on with this pain. Talk about living only for the moment?

Steve is back home after 3 days in the hospital and hopefully better. Everything looked fine – CAT scan, Xrays, EKG – nothing showed anything alarming at all. We’ll see what happens over the next week.

And I just received news that made me excited for the 1st time in days. Jason Isaacs has a new show (hopefully) coming to FOX in which he plays an attorney alongside John Larroquette. My Jason on network TV. De. Lic. Ious.