I am SPEECHLESS with disgust

I don’t even know what to say about this, but I have to get it out of my head.

My husband just called me with a news report he heard (and later confirmed on Rush’s show) that was so upsetting he wanted to get it to me before I head it myself. We’ve all heard about yesterday’s elections and the violence that went on during it. The lines people waited in to vote for the first time. This report is about a suicide bomb that went off about a block away from a polling place where a long line had formed. Amazing is the fact that, even though this bomb went off so close, NO ONE got out of line or ran away or anything. Voting was too important to them. Imagine this happening in our country. We can’t even get our citizens to show up, with no line, and vote with no threat whatsoever. These people are standing in line, with mortar fire going off around them, not sure if the next round will hit them, and they’re not being scared off. Amazing.

Now for the sickening part. This particular suicide bomb reported on wasn’t set off by some radical insurgent, focused on pleasing Allah and dying with honor. THIS bomb was attached to a child with Down Syndrome. Did you read that correctly. A CHILD WITH DOWN SYNDROME. A mentally challenged CHILD was equipped with a bomb, I’m sure with no cognizant idea of what was about to happen, and sent off with probably a “go over there” direction, and the next thing he knows, he’s blown into a gazillion pieces.

What in WORLD is that???? How do you do that to any child, much less a disabled one?? One that probably can’t understand enough to make that decision? It’s one thing if you’re stupid & arrogant & psycho enough to choose that for yourself. It’s quite another to choose that FOR someone. This is truly beyond my comprehension. As the mother of a child with Down Syndrome, my anger, my fury, my wrath is immeasurable right now. I want somebody’s head over this. I simply don’t have enough rational words for this. We must, by whatever means necessary, STOP these psychotic nutjobs, NOW. How on earth do we fight this insanity? How?????? How do we fight people who will not only murder their own people, but sacrifice their own children–disabled or not. I’m really, really, really pissed right now. My jaw is shaking, I’m crying, I’m pissed beyond belief.

My wrath is unleashed and I’m ready to fight. I want these people put down – WHATEVER IT TAKES. How do you blow up a child with Down Syndrome to STOP PEOPLE FROM VOTING????? I think all we need to do know is equip American parents of children with DS with baseball bats & shovels and send us all over there. We’ll bash all their heads in, I think. Who’s with me?