How is it Wednesday already?

Wow this week is going FAST!!!!!!!!!! And I feel like I haven’t gotten anything done. On Memorial Day, we went up to visit Mom-Mom and got to see Pop-Pop, too. We signed Maggie up for this cool camp through Christian Youth Theatre. She’s going to get to learn acting & singing & dancing. She’s so excited and I think she’s gonna have a BALL.

Pop-Pop’s almost got his “garage” organized now. We got to go peek at his classic cars he’s got in there. He’s got 11 in the garage and another 4 or so out in different places. They’re so COOL. Steven loves them so much. Today was Steven’s last day of school. Which I simply cannot believe. How is it over already? Man. How many more days till August? It’s gonna be a loooooooong summer, y’all.