Holiday Glasses!

Have you ever thought about getting holiday-specific glasses? Probably not – most of us don’t change our frames with the changing of the seasons. Because, traditionally, glasses are so expensive that who can afford to have 4-6 pairs of glasses, right?

Enter Zenni Optical. Right now, they have a whole section just for Holiday frames which is such a cool idea! And because their prices are like $10, $20 or so, you can really afford to have a couple pairs (or more!) for backup, fashion and even holiday celebrations! They’ve got plastic frames, rimless frames, half-rim frames and more.

I think I like these the best. They’re shown in green, which is certainly holiday-appropriate, but they’re also available in brown, red, black & clear! I think I’d get them in red for the holidays. And!!! Only $9.95! WHAT?? Yeah. $9.95.

I also think these are pretty wicked. I’m not a big fan of the metal frames in rimless or half-rim style, but these plastic ones are right up my alley. These come in brown stripe, blue stripe, red stripe, purple stripe and black stripe and are only $9.95! I mean, seriously, how can you beat that?? I love the red ones, but I think I’d have to get the purple ones. Purple’s my favorite color and I don’t think I’ve ever seen purple frames before. That’d be unique, right?