He’s Three!

Why is it that when you’re supposed to be the most relaxed & have the most fun is actually the time when you’re SO INCREDIBLY BUSY YOU WANT TO DIE?

So, I’ve kept it quiet for a while to be sure that I was committed to it, but I wanted to share that I’ve spent the last 7 weeks buffing it up at the gym. Maggie said she wanted to go to the gym over the summer, so we joined the health center. And I have been really doing this – going 3-4 times a week. I’ve been doing treadmill workouts 1-2 times a week and weight training 1-2 times a week. I also tried 2 Pilates classes and another interval training class that murdered me. I’m certainly making progress, though I haven’t lost any weight. I’m able to do more & for longer times, so that’s good.

William turned 3 on Monday. I cannot believe it at all. He was just born. We had an actual party for him on Saturday that was so cool! We went with an Angry Birds theme and he loved it so much.

We invited my aunt & uncle, cousins & their kids and William had fun playing with cousins Jerry and Mckenna. As soon as he saw his decorations, he demanded cake. “I want cake! Cake!! Cake, now!!” Because I love to frustrate my children, I made him wait until we’d eaten lunch.

He got that Thomas set from my aunt & uncle and he loves it. He also got a bunch of plush Angry Birds that he’s obsessed with. He wants to sleep with all of them, take all of them in the car, and loves to randomly chuck them at people & things.

There’s nothing else new, really. I spend each day taking Henry to camp, going to the gym, coming home & trying to do something for a little while, going back to pick up Henry. I put way too many miles on the car this summer.

My subconscious has been really hassling me lately. I can barely sleep through the night without something rearing its ugly head and leaving me with mental images I don’t want. I totally hate it and wish I could dream about fluffy ponies or sparkly unicorns.