Happy Mother’s Day

What a day. I have to start by thanking my family for a lovely day. They did a really nice job providing me a simple, relaxing, low-stress day.

I suggested to Steve that we should go visit his mother’s grave – it was important to me and I know it was important to him. I could tell he was a little reluctant because he knew it would take a lot of him, emotionally. But it was totally important to do. We stopped and he picked up some flowers for her (and he got some for me, too) and we went out there. The park where his parents are buried is so, so nice. It’s huge and filled with big trees, gorgeous rolling hills and it’s so lovely. I actually love going there because it’s so peaceful and gorgeous.

The park was really full with lots of people visiting and there seemed to be some sort of memorial service going on as well. They have a big area for memorializing military veterans and probably 50 people were gathered there for something. We all climbed out of the car and found their site. Henry immediately took on seat on Steve’s dad’s plaque facing his mom’s and began talking. I pulled the built-in vase out of her plaque and we placed the flowers in it. Henry kept on talking. It was as if he was sitting on Gumpa and chatting with Gamma. It really moved me.

We stayed for a few minutes before William got defiant and wanted to run around like a crazy thing. Plus, Henry was cold, so we got back in the car. As I was getting in, an older man walked past the van. He had a cane and was carrying a potted Gerbera daisy. We had a couple pleasantries and I got in the van. We decided to wait a few minutes as the van in front of ours indicated that the large gathering was going to release some doves. As we waited, the older man walked over to a marker and set down the flowers. He stood there, alone, for a few minutes. He walked past the marker, looking out over the wooded area, then walked back to the marker. He bent down, trying to secure the potted daisy more firmly by the marker. He stood for a few more minutes and then began walking slowly back to his vehicle. It was so sad. Steve and I both, separately, wondered what his story was. Was that his mother or, more likely, his wife? Had they had children? If so, where were they? I think many children might not realize that the opposite parent might need contact with their children even more on days like this. It made us both cry.

Then, almost miraculously, the doves were released.

It was simply beautiful. After the doves were out of sight, we took our leave. Went back home and I finished off my day getting my hair cut and colored. So refreshing to get rid of those grey hairs and clean it up. I was so tired, I just closed my eyes and gave myself over to the relaxingness. (not a word? oh well)

So that was my Mother’s Day. Reflective, meaningful and relaxing. I hope yours was the same!