GREAT Weekend!

I can’t believe it! It’s been ages since I could honestly claim that. But school is OUT and we’re jumping headfirst into summer. Henry still has 2 days left, but everybody else is d.o.n.e. DONE.

Friday was Maggie & Steven’s last day and they spent it doing field day. It was actually quite a lot of fun. I went to take pictures and got some AMAZING ones. They had this big inflatable race obstacle course, one of the parents had a bunch of animals (tortoise, prairie dogs, mini horse, kittens and rabbits). There was a sno-cone stand and later they played kickball and tug of war. So it was fun.

Steven wanted me to race him on the inflatable so even though I thought better of it, I did it. And because I can’t just do something a little bit, I went a little crazy with it. We were just about neck & neck when we hit the 2nd big hill and I decided to just THROW myself over the top and let gravity do its job. Forgetting that my weight plus gravity equals probable bodily injury. Thankfully I didn’t do too much damage. Rug/inflatable burn on my elbow and I landed on my previously sprained ankle which gave me some pain. I have to admit, though, it WAS fun.

Yesterday we took a family day and went to Brunswick Zone as Steven had requested. I don’t know why he was so interested in going bowling, but he was convinced we needed to. So, off we went, all 6 of us. Truthfully, I wasn’t looking forward to it, because..well…BOWLING. But, y’all, we had a blast. Steven was, of course, upset that he didn’t do better. Somehow I’ve got to get through to him that the point of everything is not to win, but to have fun whether you’re good at it or not. We played one round (match? game? set?) and then played a little in the arcade. We did girls vs. boys air hockey which was also awesome. Then Maggie & I tried one of those dance arcade games where you have to jump & hit the right spots at the right times. THAT WAS HARD. I was actually sweating at the end. Plus, I stank at it. But it was fun.

And now, let’s do some thinkin’. Answer them here or go ahead an do it on your own blog. If you don’t do it here, though, could you link me up? I’d love to get inside your head.

1. If you were given a piece of wood and forced to, what would you whittle?

2. Do you have any weird compulsions about numbers? For example, I dislike odd numbers because, for some reason, they feel pointy.

3. How far would you go to avoid something that made you uncomfortable? For example, would you simply give a spider a wide berth or would you shut it in the offending room and avoid it for the rest of the day?

4. If you’re female, are you able to wear open-toed shoes/sandals if your toenails are unpainted?

5. What does the color blue smell like to you?

Yeah, they’re weird questions, but that’s the manner in which I perambulate.