Getting closer

Man. I have been in hyper-creating mode over the past couple of days. Finishing my mom’s Christmas cards, doing mine, doing a couple calendars as Christmas gifts. I did 2 completely separate calendars with Kim Hill’s cool calendar template.  One I did using layouts I’ve done as the pictures and the other I used as templates and just filled in the pictures & background papers & a few extras. I’ve got to get the 2nd one bound tomorrow – I hope I can get it done in time. Pretty happy how they turned out and once I’m not COMPLETELY & UTTERLY SICK of calendars, I’ll probably do one for myself. But right now I don’t even want to LOOK at another calendar. Bah.

I am happy that I got all but 2 of my Christmas cards done, though. I sent 28 of them out 2 days ago & then remembered I could get some addresses off our reunion website, so I printed out another 10 to send out to a couple people off that list with whom I haven’t kept in contact. Then I finally got my last address today & will send off the final letters tomorrow. Tomorrow I get to bake. Traditionally, I give yummy freshly baked breads to my dad, so I’ve got to get those made tomorrow. I haven’t even started wrapping anything yet, so I’m praying I won’t finish wrapping tomorrow night & realize that I don’t have half the stuff I need for the kids. I think I’ve received everything I ordered, but I think I placed a Thomas order with an online Thomas company, but I can’t check the order online to see if I actually placed it or it’s all imaginary. I do know what I do have, and let’s just say it’s gonna be a very reptilian Christmas in our humble abode. It’s all about the ocean life, peeps.

Speaking of Steven, he blew my mind today. He was chatting with Daddy in the bathroom as I was working and after about 30 minutes they both came out. I thought they were going to do something to creep me out, but they both came over to “recharge my power”. Apparently, Steven expressed concern that I was using up all my Mommy Power to protect him every night & I would run out – not having enough left for my own needs. Steve asked him what Steven thought should be done about that. Steven thought for a while & then said they should give me power from their skin. So that’s what they did. They came & filled me up with energy so I wouldn’t be too drained from giving him my Mommy Power. When I asked him how they would do it, he said, “Well, there are cords from Daddy’s belly button and my belly button and it plugs into your belly button.” He made some mechanical noises & then mimed unplugging the cords from my belly button. Seriously, dude. What an amazing, amazing mind. Oh, and have I mentioned that he’s a prop comic? The boy can take almost anything he finds in his environment & make it into what he needs to act out his play. Daddy’s belt becomes a long, prehensile tongue. A straw bends in half to become a croc’s mouth. A sticks slaps against the table to become a croc’s mouth. Tonight he drew eyes on small pieces of paper and taped them to the ends of a 7″ block. Then he held it up against his forehead and said, “I’m a hammerhead shark”. Holy mackerel, Batman. I’m totally gobsmacked and cannot even begin to understand how his mind works.

And, finally, in the spirit of the season, I leave you with a jaw-dropping rendition of the Hallelujah Chorus I heard recently. It will move you.

Hallelujah Chorus