From my iPad

Here I sit, late on a cold Tuesday night at the beginning of a new year. I decided to try blogging on my iPad instead of my computer. We’ll see how it goes. I know it won’t be nearly as fast, because I cannot type on this like I can on my keyboard. By maybe this will help me blog more often as I won’t be tethered to my laptop. Man. It’s hard to type when all your touch sensory memory is unavailable.

Steve and I went to the movies again. We wanted to see The Hobbit and Les Miz, but we couldn’t get the times to match up. So, instead, we saw Jack Reacher and The Hobbit. Even then, we missed the first 20 minutes of The Hobbit.

Okay. Here’s the thing. It’s not that Jack Reacher is a BAD film (though it’s not GOOD, either). The problem for me is the great, great lengths they go to in order to make Tom Cruise seem tough. I mean, it is literally CRAMMED down your throat in this thing. The lines he has to say are just comical.

Before he fights FIVE guys in the street: “Remember…you wanted this.”
“You think I’m a hero?? I am not a hero. And I’d you’re smart, that scares you. Because I have nothing to lose.”
“I’m going to beat you to death and drink your blood from a boot.” WHAT?

It’s literally 130 minutes of this kind of ridiculous stuff. It might not have been so laughable (yes, i did laugh out loud in the theatre) had the lead actor actually been a physically imposing person, rather than tiny, tiny Tom Cruise. Oh, and it seems that Rosamund Pike got some new boobs that needed showing off, so there’s that.

The Hobbit, on the other hand, was magical. It blew my mind to revisit the cinematography and special effects. Gollum was amazing in LOTR, right? Well he was 8 billion times more amazing in this. I didn’t realise that performance capture had advanced that much.

I absolutely adored Martin Freeman. I never liked Elijah Wood that much – he was just so. Very. Earnest. Freeman’s portrayal of Bilbo was honest & super likeable. I liked him so much more.

I was surprised by the dwarves. For some reason, I always thought they all looked like Gimli. I was a bit taken aback by Thoren Oakenshield. For a dwarf, he was good-looking. Which was weird.

It just was so nice to be back in that world, you know? I really loved just how comfy it all is – like putting on your favourite pair of pants, having a cup of cocoa or tea and curling up in an oversized chair.