Feeling Crafty

Been so long! I’m sorry! I’ve actually been spending less time on the computer because I’m either napping or cleaning or creating something, so I just haven’t been online much. No excuse. I’m sorry.

Okay – first I have to share something that literally APPALLED me this morning. Seriously – jaw on the floor, eyes bugging out, calling out “scumbag!” at the TV. Because I couldn’t believe this happened. I’m watching TV and, you know those Direct TV commercials where there’s a famous person recreating a scene from something they’ve done in the past? Like this:

At first, I didn’t realize it was a Direct TV commercial – the one I was watching. I thought it was just a clip from Tommy Boy. You know, the scene with Chris Farley & David Spade in a hotel room and Farley tries on Spade’s coat and sings, “Fat guuuuy in a little coooat“? Hysterical scene, actually.

Suddenly, present day Spade is “in scene” and he’s giving the Direct TV pitch. By PIMPING THE WORK OF HIS DEAD FRIEND. Supposed friend, anyway. I could not believe he sank that low. I’ve always thought Spade was a bit of a scumbag – riding Farley’s coattails and just letting him self-destruct because there was money to be made off him – but this was REPULSIVE. Using his friend who’s dead from coke to make money off a commercial. David Spade? You should be ashamed of yourself. This commercial is terrible and I can’t believe someone who’d call Chris Farley a friend would use him in this way. You utterly and completely fail at LIFE.

The other thing I’ve been working on are some cool decorating ideas for my boys’ room. I read the blog Write. Click. Scrapbook. every day and this past week, Cheryl Overton has been doing the blogging, sharing cool home decor ideas that blew my mind with their coolness & simplicity. The first day, she shared what she’d done for a skater theme room. Basically, she’s made all these projects with fonts and scrapbooking paper/elements that she’s printed out, framed and hung. Which sounds stupid when you put it like that, but it’s not, y’all. It’s SO COOL. I especially liked this one, but I don’t have boys who are into skateboarding, so I didn’t know how to alter the idea for my boys. The next day, however, she showed off her Star Wars theme and I went, “AHHHHHHH!”. This I can copy!! I showed it to Steven and he liked it, but he asked me to do a Bionicle thing instead. I couldn’t find a Bionicle dingbat font, but I found a font of the Mata Nui language, so we worked from that. We searched for pictures of a couple of his favorite Bionicle and I ran some filters on them and slapped them on one of my background papers. Steven gave me a quote, I typed it on and changed the font and added a grunge overlay. And got this:


Printed it out 8×10″, framed it and screwed it into the wall so it won’t be removable/fall off the wall. He loved it! And, since I didn’t want to just do one, I then did one with a Star Wars theme. Using the Forced Reentry font for the picture and Rub This font for the words, I made this and hung it below the Bionicle one.


Then I had to make something for Henry’s side, too. And his, of course, had to be farm animal themed. So, I found this LCR On the Farm dingbat font and using the Rub This font for the words, my scrapbook papers and some grunge overlays I had, I made 3 for over Henry’s bed.


From the left: the cow says moo, the horse says neigh and the sheep says baa. Above that is a picture from The Pioneer Woman’s Photography site that is okay for download & print. I printed that out at 13×19″ and just taped it to the wall because I don’t have a frame that size. I also printed out her Charging Colts picture at the same size and hung it over the changing table. Needless to say, Henry LOVES these pictures and is always talking to/about them.

Now, admittedly, what I’ve done here is not nearly as cool as what Cheryl’s done with decor in the rooms she shows, but it’s certainly a start. And unique. And wicked cheap. Each frame was $3.99 at Target and I probably used about $1 worth of ink & paper for each piece. Plus they took me about 10 minutes to make and print out and then another 15 to hang. I LOVE it. I think I might do a 3 piece set of like “Live” “Laugh” and “Love” to hang over our bed. We’ve got nothing there and I think 3 12×12″ framed pieces would be prominent enough to work over a king-sized bed. I’ll see what I can come up with. I love the idea of creating original design pieces for the home that speak to each individual person. Plus, since it’s inexpensive, I can switch them out as they grow and their tastes/interests change. Oh, I also totally love her ideas for decor in the bathroom (scroll down) and the link she gave for cool embroidery hoop decor. You could totally do that with your favorite scrapbook paper or even a layout! She says she just cut the paper about 1/2″ larger than the hoop and then made little cuts all the way around so the edges would fold back and be hidden by the outer hoop. You could even decorate around the outside of the hoop with ribbon or maribou or something cool so you can’t tell it’s a hoop if you wanted! Plus?? REALLY, REALLY CHEAP TO MAKE!

I hope something I posted here today will inspire you like it did me. This is the kind of cool stuff you can see in a Pottery Barn-type catalog, but since we can’t afford to spend $150-300 on something to hang on the wall, we just sit there filled with object lust and covetousness. Could it BE any easier to buy a sheet of cool paper, cut it in a circle, place it in a hoop and hang it on a wall? I think not.