Farewell, 2012

Here I sit, again, on New Year’s Eve, with the goal of looking back over the past year. What a year – just….woah.

Let’s see….

I vowed to be a better blogger….and that didn’t pan out so well.

Maggie continued on her journey in high school theatre & music; which triggered reflection on my part.

I grew in my crochet skills and opened my own store on etsy. It hasn’t really caught fire yet, but I’m still hopeful.

Henry ended his school year by getting pneumonia and being hospitalized for the better part of a week.

The movie I enjoyed the most this year? The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel.

I began working out. I joined a gym and have been faithfully working out 3-4 times per week. Well, except for last week & this one.

William began school. Which crushed me.

Had a few epic meltdowns.

Henry turned 9.

Ann Coulter threw out the R-bomb.

I became the official photographer for Woodstock North’s theatre program and the unofficial photographer for the stuff Maggie’s in at her school.

I became obsessed with documentaries.

And that’s not nearly enough that I blogged this year. Makes me sad that I can’t be more focused on this. I’m just constantly distracted by other things that aren’t important (like my Cityville obsession) and that are important (like crocheting, scrapbooking).

Christmas was wonderful in one sense. Unfortunately, Steve, Maggie, William & Henry were sick and couldn’t go over to my parents’ house, so it was just me & Steven over there. Some other family members were sick as well, so it was unusually quiet. It was kind of weird to not have all the little kids there, but it was nice, too.

I made 2 scarves for my mom and 2 for Maggie which they seemed to really like. Maggie had talked about wanting these big, chunky infinity scarves that are popular now. So, I made her two of them. She seems to really like them. They were fun & easy to make, so that was a bonus.

Steve got me a Keurig coffeemaker which was a huge surprise. I didn’t even know that I wanted it until I had it and started using it. Since I got sick end of last week, I’ve been using it for Lemon Zinger tea like WHOA. It’s so easy to use. The only “wish” I have for it would be that it made a bigger cup. The travel-size choice still isn’t quite big enough, but I won’t complain.

I also got some money and was able to buy some new gorgeous yarns.

These first three are from one of my favorite etsy sellers. I’ve bought quite a bit of her yarn and I love it. If you’re looking, it’s at 1 Akasha Zeropoint Colorworks.

Then I got a skein from a new seller and it’s probably the softest, lushest yarn I’ve bought. I love it. This seller is AutumnRose

Then I ordered one I haven’t received yet. It’s a stunning Seafoam Bamboo handspun that I cannot wait to get my grubby paws on. Sold by Sheeping Beauty.

Thanks to Pinterest, I also discovered a non-etsy seller, Phydeaux Designs. I got 2 skeins – one a worsted weight superwash merino & one a lace weight ghost merino wool silk. They’re dreadfully pretty and I look forward to having them.

So, that’s it from here for 2012. Here’s hoping 2013 finds me for conscientious and prolific, eh?