End of Year Apathy

So, I just read this amazing blog post by Jen Hatmaker about being the worst end-of-school-mom ever.  And after I died laughing and shared it on Facebook, I decided to write my own take on this issue. So, idea credit goes to Jen for being so honest.

See, by the time the end of the school year rolls around, I could not even BE more done. With 4 kids in 3 different schools, NOTHING ever seems to line up. Maggie, Henry & William are all in the same school district and they’ve been done since May 22nd. Steven, however, goes to a different school district and he’s not done until Tuesday.

The number of field trips, last-minute assignments, busy work, and utter stress-inducing stuff just blows my mind. We had field days (which is fun), assemblies and something special every. single. day. My goodness.

I’m just SO TIRED. I wish there was some way all this extra stuff didn’t have to happen. For example, 2 weeks ago, Steven tells me one afternoon that he has to bring a trowel to school the next day. Wait….what? A TROWEL? I don’t have a trowel. I don’t own a trowel. I’m not going out to buy a trowel. Why do you need a trowel?????

I mean, seriously. By mid-May, the school is lucky my kids are arriving with clothes on and without actual algae growing off their teeth in chunks. Well, actually, that’s not restricted to mid-May. Any day I can get all the kids to school dressed properly and with the things they need, clean, brushed and fed is a successful day.

I just……it’s so hard to care anymore. I cannot even imagine how bad it must be fore the teachers. You’re dealing with classes full of students who could not be more disinvolved. Once they get back from spring break, they’re totally disengaged. I’m sure the poor teachers are desperately trying to finish the material they have to cover before the end of the year and there’s concerts and field trips and all sorts of stuff that has to be worked in. It would be so incredibly tempting just to throw in the towel and show movies.

And don’t even get me started on the insanity that is teacher’s gifts. If I see one more post somewhere about the intricate, gorgeous, handmade gifts for their precious angel’s 14 teachers, I will take a hostage. I cannot tell you the feeling when you pick up your kid on the last day and they want to know why they were the only kid who didn’t have a present for the teacher. Criminy, if I can remember to pick up a gift card and put it in a thank you note I can find somewhere lying around the house, it’s a win.

Anyway. Steven’s got 2 more days and then I can be officially done for almost 3 months. Then I can jump back on the crazy merry-go-round of figuring out how to get all this done for these 3 different schools.