Embrace the Nerd

I had a great opportunity today. Apparently, Steven’s having some trouble at school with a couple of boys being rude to him. He says they’re insulting him. He’s having trouble with a couple boys who make comments about how they are awesome and Steven isn’t. And they call him a nerd.

Boy, did I burst out laughing. I told him, “They call you a nerd? You laugh and say, ‘Oh, yeah I am! Nerds are cool!!'” He looked so surprised. I sat there and ran through a whole list – you know who’s a nerd? Bill Gates. Steve Jobs. iPads & iPhones were invented by nerds. Video games were invented by nerds and nerds kick butt at them. There wouldn’t be Xbox360 or Playstation or Wii or Nintendo DS without nerds. Dude, I said, nerds are THE COOLEST right now. Look at Big Bang Theory – hugely popular show about nerds. One of the most popular podcasts out there? Nerdist. Some of the most popular things in culture are nerd-based, nerd-invented and nerd-loved. Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Doctor Who, comic books, video games.

Anyway, I loaded him up with truth and ammunition. Somebody tries to make you feel small? It’s because they feel bad about themselves. Somebody goes on and on about how awesome they are? It’s because they actually feel the opposite. People who are truly awesome don’t need to make sure everyone knows it. They just ARE. You want to disarm somebody’s ammo against you? Claim it. If they call a nerd or a dork, you claim it. “I sure am – nerds are cool!” They make fun of you for liking something? You say, “So?” Because, really, who cares if some other person thinks what you’re into is stupid? If you like it, it’s cool to you. That’s all that matters.

Plus, as I told Steven, you’ll end up having the last laugh in the end. Nerds rule the world. So just smile and nod and laugh quietly to yourself. You totally awesome little dude.