WHY ARE THINGS NOT GETTING CALMER AND LESS CRAZY? Instead, as if we needed more stress, things have become even crazier.

Our kitchen is at a standstill. Cabinets are in, floor is done. We got the measuring done for the counters, but it’ll probably be another week before they’re ready. We’re also waiting for our range and dishwasher to be delivered. The fridge is sitting in the dining room waiting to be installed. The sink faucet is waiting for its compatriot, the sink, before being installed. We’ve been out shopping for a small kitchen table and some rugs. I’m wicked ready to have my house back. But here’s how it looks so far.

Space for range underneath the microwave. More cabinets. Space for sink on the far right.

The cabinets are amazingly pretty. I’m just blown away. We went from cabinet that went up to a soffit to ceiling-height cabinet, so we have so much more room now. I cannot wait to put things away and see how it all works out. The cabinets are alder wood, not cherry, with a cherry stain, so they really look like cherry wood while saving about $900. I think it’ll be kind of fun to figure out the best place to put everything. Which is probably the geekiest sentence ever written.

Monday morning I got up to get Henry ready for camp and see that there’s some sort of crazy, insane storm happening outside. Tons of rain, creepy-close lightning, heavy-duty thunder and winds so high the rain is coming down sideways. I jump in the shower and in the middle of everything, out goes the power. By the way, how hard is it to shower in the dark?? It shouldn’t be, because what are you looking at, really, but it is. I jumped out and got dressed and looked out the window at the storm again, thinking, “Well….at least it’ll be good for my pla……..OHSWEETHOLYCRAP!” Apparently, I completely brain-farted after I turned the sprinklers on at 6pm the previous day. Not only had they been running for almost 14 hours, now it was torrentially raining as well. I peeked out another window and, sure enough, there the sprinkler sat, oscillating happily in the midst of winds that knocked down trees hundreds of years old. I got dressed and ran out in my bare feet to turn it off. And then proceeded to verbally flagellate myself to anyone who’d listen. My water bill is going to rival the City of Las Vegas.

Much to our dismay, our power stayed off for over 40 hours. Not only were we now without a kitchen, we were without everything. We thought briefly about getting a hotel room, but my parents said we could crash in their basement, so we took that option. They have a generator (not whole house, but more than a portable), so there would at least be some light, a fridge and a/c in part of the house. We ended up staying there for 2 nights and the power came back on about 11pm on Tuesday night. We stayed that night and moved out again Wednesday morning. I am so incredibly sick of living in the car. Taking things from here to there to get through the day while being out of the house as the workmen work. I am very, very ready to have my house back. Get it all sorted, cleaned and organized again. Everything’s so scattered.

I’ve caught up with all the recent versions of Doctor Who, so now I’m watching some of the classic episodes from Netflix. Right now I’m watching Series 5 with Patrick Troughton as the Doctor and I think I quite like him. It’s so funny to watch the incredibly low-tech special effects, props, costumes and the overly earnest 1960s acting. I’m watching Tomb of the Cybermen right now and the sets are quite amusing. Very cardboardy and lots of foam core. But I like this doctor. Not as much as David Tennant, of course, but he’s still cool.

Speaking of things that Craig Ferguson and Chris Hardwick have convinced me are cool and must be checked out, I took my first Neil Gaiman book out of the library yesterday. After hearing about him from Cleolinda many times, seeing him on Ferguson’s show and hearing him on the Nerdist podcast, I decided I’d better give him a try. I checked out American Gods and I will slowly make my way through it. I wish I had more time to read, but if I’m not behind the wheel of the car, I’m on this little box or crocheting. I did finish the first chapter and simply uttered one syllable. “WHOA.” This is some seriously good (and warped, in a good way) writing. I think I’m going to dig this book. Oh, and by the way, Neil has a wicked sexy accent and is pretty cute.

OMG, the 1967 Cybermen are HYSTERICAL. They look like a 2nd grade robot costume made of an old oatmeal box, silver spray paint and a black Sharpie.