Election Day

Don’t worry – I’m not going to go into some political rant. I know what my stance is & know I have less than 1% chance of changing your mind if it’s different than mine. Plus – election’s over, so it don’t really matter, now do it?

We went out first thing this morning & got our vote on. All 5 of us packed in & went to…..the wrong polling place. It WAS the one we had gone to every time for the past 8 years, except for the last election day which was at Henry’s school. One interesting thing was that this was the first time in all my years of voting where there was somebody electioneering at the polling place. As we walked up to the building, there’s a young man standing there holding brochures & handing them out saying, “Thanks for coming out to vote today”. And there’s this candidate’s big ‘ole stupid mug grinning up at me from the slick paper. Great job, Mr. Candidate. You have now assured that I will NOT be voting for you. I wouldn’t have anyway because his views are not my views, but this stunt ensured I would find your name on the ballot and really clearly mark the OTHER CANDIDATE’S name.

Anyway. So, pack everybody back in & now Steve’s got to run the big kids to their school. So Henry & I head over to his school where….surprise, surprise. There’s another young person handing out brochures for the same candidate. I wanted so badly to pull out a measuring tape to make total sure that these people were more than 100 feet from the polling place. Irritating. So went in and voted & got my sticker. And Henry’s sticker. And here’s his view on the recent campaigns.


Bwahahahahaha. I am again totally happy we don’t have television. Just listening to the radio & getting the mail every day has been more campaigning than I can handle. I swear, everyday I got 3 or 4 big campaign flyers printed on shiny, heavy (and expensive, I assume) cardstock. Usually filled with vitriol, attacks and really ugly pictures of their opponents. These flyers alone made me want to stay home, but I always make a point of exercising my right to vote. I just get so sick of listening to it all. We live in a state that has one REALLY, REALLY big city up at the top and then the rest of the state is pretty rural – like 80%. And, subsequently, the top 1/4-1/3 of the state votes one way, but the rest of the state votes the other. So, usually the way the big city goes, goes the state. And the corruption. We’re pretty infamous for our political corruption here and the constant patronage scandals, fraud, nepotism, illegal hiring, etc. is just part of the morning talk shows. What’s disgusting to me, though, is that this goes on – pretty blatently – and then people continue to VOTE for these people. How can you re-elect a politician whose compatriots are being indicted and who themselves are being investigated for all sorts of crap? How can you vote for some guy who got on the ballot not because of his qualifications or even the fact that he WON THE PRIMARY, but because his dad was the last one to hold the position and they kept him on the ballot even though he’d had a stroke and was hidden away until the primary was over so they could just hand the nomination over to his kid? His kid who stated that he was “entitled to the job”. Because…..??? Your dad had it??? Does that mean my husband should get to be a chiropractor without any of the training? Just ‘cuz his dad was? He’s entitled, y’all.

Whoa. I digress. My point was that because of these things, our campaigning gets pretty ugly and pretty dirty. I’m actually surprised that no one has claimed that their opponent has been caught eating babies. It gets really tiresome and makes me want to tell them all to shut up. No. Seriously. SHUT UP. Or I will cut you. So I leave you on this election evening with another commentary from the smartest person I know – Henry. Who singlehandedly is attempting to bridge the gap between Democrats & Republicans by providing his own divide.