Don’t forget the extra CHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESE!

Sorry. I have this song running through my head. We got this set of 3 DVDs called “Signing Time” that introduces sign language to kids using repetition, songs, graphics, repetition, kids, repetition, dancing, more songs and repetition. On the 2nd DVD, they teach about food. They do a song (one of those build one idea on top of all the others….”put the ice cream on the crackers, put the crackers on the cookies, put the cookies on the apple…”) where they go through all the foods they just learned as pizza toppings. Each verse ends with, “don’t forget the extra cheese!” Anyway, Steven is now obsessed with this DVD & watches it over & over. We also got a CD of the songs that came with the set & we now have to listen to it in the car. Over & over. I cannot get this freakin’ song out of my head. And, it isn’t just a song, there’s hand movements too!! YARRRGGGHHHH!!!!
Anyway – the reason I had to post was to share the insanity I witnessed tonight. I thought I (and our country, to be honest) had gone round the bend when, while shopping in Costco on AUGUST 31, I came across a display of Christmas decorations. Literally – I stood in front of the display &, in a VERY loud voice, proclaimed, “IT’S AUGUST 31ST FOR CRYIN’ OUT LOUD!! WHAT ARE THEY DOING?????” It really makes me sick how the “season” gets pushed further & further back every decade. In 20 years, we’ll be celebrating year-round.
So, having dismissed that abhorrence as an aberration due to corporate greed, I had shrugged it off & moved on. FF to tonight. I’m driving home from dropping Maggie off at Sparks & I see it. Someone had put their Christmas light up & lit them. What the…?? September isn’t even OVER YET!!! This is just insane. Could we get past Halloween AT LEAST before we have to start thinking about Christmas??? Never MIND the fact that, I’m sure 90% of these people don’t even truly celebrate Christmas – meaning Christ’s birth. ::shaking head:: I’m sickened. Truly sickened. I think I’m not even going to decorate this year. We’re thinking about Jesus & that’s IT.