Disney Bingo

Do you love Disney movies? I do and have even most of my adult life! Can I tell you a secret? Beauty & the Beast was one of the 1st dates my husband and I went on and ended up being kind of a mini-theme at our wedding! Here are my top 15 Disney Characters:
1. Belle
2. Tinkerbell
3. Ariel
4. Baloo (from Jungle Book)
5. Tigger
6. Edna from The Incredibles
7. Sully from Monsters, Inc.
8. Captain Hook
9. Simba
10. Gaston
11. Stitch
12. Mary Poppins
13. Maleficent
14. Snow White
15. Dumbo

Who are your favorite Disney characters? Do we have any overlap here? I just heard about this cool new Disney Bingo DVD game that looks like a lot of fun!

You know, all these “experts” drone on & on about how important “family time” is – this is the perfect game to center a family time or two (or 3 or 12) around! Fun for both the adults and the kids and easy to play, too! It’s for people ages 4 and up, so everybody can play. Combining the traditional Bingo game with the high-tech twist of Disney characters, songs and movie scenes and you’ve got not only a game, but a learning tool for the kids. This game works on colors, matching skills and numbers, but isn’t too boring for older kids. If you go to the site linked above, they link you to be able to purchase it at Amazon.com or Drugstore.com at a reasonable price of $24.99. I think we’re going to check this one out. We don’t do a lot of “family game night” stuff, but this might be a great way to start!