Do you ever get disappointed in people? Maybe it’s someone you’ve admired or looked up to, someone whose work you’ve enjoyed, someone you’ve thought was funny? Someone you’ve trusted or thought you knew? Then they did something or said something that just made your jaw hit the floor in shock or even just made you say, “Whoa. That’s not cool.”

I had that experience this morning. I listen to a lot of podcasts. Mostly done by people I think are funny. I’ve loved Steve Dahl for almost 30 years now and I subscribe to his Dahlcast and never miss one. I also really enjoy The Nerdist podcast with Chris Hardwick, Jonah Ray & Matt Mira. I subscribe to a couple Doctor Who podcasts and also WTF with Marc Maron.

On the October 17th episode of WTF, Marc interviewed Norm Macdonald. I’ve always enjoyed Norm. From watching him do standup in the early 90s on Comedy Central to his Weekend Update on SNL, he always made me laugh. I actually was sad when he got fired from SNL because his sense of humor tickled me.

Unfortunately, I had to stop listening to Marc’s interview with him. After cringing through SIX instances of words deriving from “retard”, I couldn’t take it anymore. The first one smacked me in the face, but I tried to forgive and remind myself that ignorance breeds stupid behavior and go on. Each subsequent use of the word was a kick to the head, a punch to the face or a simple, blatent middle finger. Color me terribly disappointed.

Yeah, I thought for a minute about writing an email to Marc and sharing my thoughts. I believe it would be just plain futile, though. I’d be dismissed as too sensitive & humorless and too small-town to appreciate comedians & comedy. I honestly don’t have the time or energy to compose a thoughtful, literate letter to people that I’m convinced would dismiss me as a dummy. I’m just disappointed in Norm. I hate that he’s the kind of person who throws that word around so easily & often in daily conversation. Makes me feel like I put time and interest into someone who wasn’t worthy – y’know, like when you realize you can’t keep dating someone anymore because he or she isn’t worthy of your time.

Our new hardwood floors are d.o.n.e. I’m so excited to get everything put back where it goes and see how all the rooms look when they’re finished & put together properly. Ooh – gotta get a throw rug for my room, too. I’ll take pictures soon, hopefully. I have to take teh time to get the house back together. It’s a WRECK with crap everywhere.

Hey, real quick, when your teenager tells you that they’re not upset about not making something and they don’t really care, do you believe them? I’m not sure whether to take Maggie at face value or not. It’s kind of sticking in my craw…