Delicious End to the Day

A lovely nap this morning, my 30 minute Wii Fit workout, a scrumptious dinner of herb-baked salmon, green beans & rice and now sitting with Maggie watching my pretend celebrity boyfriend as the most delicious Captain Hook ever. I mean, seriously. If there’s a Hook that’s yummier than this, I don’t wanna know. It would make me swallow my tongue.

Anyway…..let me attempt to get my focus back. Wait…it’s the final fight scene. Dang, he’s good…

“A thimble…? How like a girl.” LOVE that line and his delivery of it.

Okay. 10 minutes later…

I love my Wii Fit. I have done 30 minutes every day since we got it. I love it. And I’m doing quite well. Between the exercise & the delicious Cooking Light meals I’ve been making, I’m already down NINE POUNDS. And, I know, I don’t want the weight to come off too fast, but, believe me, I’m eating just fine and not doing anything extreme. Plus, when you’re as heavy as I am, the weight falls off pretty fast at first. It’s getting ALL of it off that’s the real problem. It’s just really cool. I’m actually enjoying exercising. I’m not getting bored yet (which I always do) and it’s set up so nicely to keep things interesting and fun. It’s much more fun to do exercises if you’re getting feedback on them (am I doing this right? how many calories have I burned?) plus, turning them into a game rather than just a series of annoying repetitions is awesome. They’ve even got premade routines based on what you might want to work on, like Warm Up, Hips, Tummy, Figure, Balance, Arms, etc. that put together 3 different exercises into a 7-8 minute focused routine for you. No thinking required. I’ve been doing about 4 of those and then finishing up with the Basic Run or Rhythm Kung Fu or Island Cycling for a fun finish. I mean, I’m RUNNING. Not much, not fast, not hard, but I’m RUNNING. You’d be hard-pressed to come up with a monetary figure that would have forced my big ‘ole butt to run previous to this.

In addition, Steven and Maggie are enjoying it as well. Steven’s getting a big kick out of all of it – just running and cycling and boxing and kung-fuing to his heart’s content. I actually have to tell him to stop so he doesn’t overdo it. He’s lost almost 3 pounds already. Maggie is doing great, too. She wants to focus on the fun balance exercises which aren’t hard, so I’m trying to encourage her to do more of the actual exercises that will help her body. She’s started doing some of the routines, too. I can’t remember how much she’s lost, but she’s down as well. I see nothing but positivity resulting from this. Even if we don’t “get skinny”, which I probably won’t, because I’m not built like that, it will rock to be more healthy, more active and less manatee-like.

In lighter news, Steven has made a decision about his future. After much consideration, he will be moving to Seaside Heights, NJ to join the cast of Jersey Shore. He will become a “guido” and attempt to take over the world with hair gel, light sabers and Bionicles. My prediction? That, at eight years old, he will be smarter, more capable and less horrifying than all the castmembers put together. He’s got the ‘tude goin’ and that “yeah, I’m better than you” rockin’. He’s gonna have to work on his tan, though.

Reach for the stars, buddy. Reach for the stars.