Dear State of Illinois: Here’s a Punch in the Larynx

I am DISGUSTED by my state officials. The state that gave us the miraculous wonder that is Rod Blagojevich and George Ryan as well as the class acts of Betty Loren Maltese, Otto Kerner, Jr. and Dan Rostenkowski and many other corrupt government officials has completely lit the flame of my rage.

You see, to begin with, our state ranks FIFTY-FIRST in terms of providing services to people with special needs. You read that right. Yes, I know there are only 50 states. But there’s also Puerto Rico and WE RANK BELOW THEM. Which means post-educationally, people with special needs have a difficult time receiving services they need and the funding just isn’t there to help.

Now add in the recent problems in the economy. And the fact that no one who runs our state has any idea about how to budget money, spend only what we have and PRIORITIZE WHAT’S IMPORTANT. Right now, our school district is owed $5 million by the state. This is money they were promised and it hasn’t been delivered. Which, of course, has to lead to budget cuts. Today I learned that the budget cuts hit Henry’s Life Skills program – costing his 2 favorite associates their jobs. (The Life Skills program has one main teacher and then associates to cover the one-on-one needs of the students – plus therapists). Which, of course, doesn’t mean that the positions will be eliminated. It means that they will refill the positions with people with no experience – probably just out of college – and we’ll be back at square one with Henry. Because nobody’s IEP will change to fit the people available.

I’m so upset. Our state has mismanaged money so desperately. We’ve all paid our taxes like we should. WHERE HAS THE MONEY GONE? Why do our kids end up getting short shrift while all sorts of crazy things are done with our money. BECAUSE THAT’S WHAT IT IS. OUR money. They get our money to take care of these things and they end up spending it on crap and foolishness. It doesn’t make any sense to me.

I don’t know where I have to go or who I have to throw my weight at, but somebody’s going to hear my wrath. This is ridiculous and I’m furious about it. Somebody needs to be held accountable. Let me tell you, if I ever run across The Hairdo That Passes For a Man, I will rip him a new one. IDIOT.