There is too much. Too much going on, too much going wrong, too much to do, you know the drill. I haven’t blogged in a billion years, but every time I even think of blogging, I’m like, “Oh, hell, what am I supposed to talk about? Nazis? Racism? DACA? The fact that the earth is trying desperately to shake us all off? My daily routine?

Everything that seems important to talk about isn’t something I feel qualified to discuss. At all. There ain’t nothing this middle-aged white lady from the suburbs can say about racism that would help or inform or even be meaningful. Same with DACA. Or anything happening politically. I know enough to have my own opinion, but not nearly enough to inform or persuade others. So I’ll shut up. But then, in the midst of the way our country is burning (literally & figuratively), it feels stupid as hell to talk about the minutiae of my boring life. I mean, American citizens are fighting & dying. Who gives a ripe fig about what I’m making for dinner?

I don’t know. I’m so exhausted lately, too. I’m not sure if it’s physical problems or just the stress of living in the world right now, but I can sleep all. the. time. No exaggeration. I went and got all my physical tests, but I have to get back & get the results. I honestly don’t know if I’d rather find out there’s something actually wrong with me that will explain my fatigue or not.

His teacher & I agree – Henry has begun puberty. Remember how I used to talk about how Henry is so stubborn & dictatorial? I was a fool. He ended the summer and began the year by taking his previous frustrating behavior, tying it to a rocket, and launching it toward the sun. It is bigger, louder, and on fire. His hitting, kicking, refusal to do things, and basic tantrum stuff is off the charts. His teacher suggested that he’s probably beginning puberty, which, while I knew it was going to happen, made my brain shut down for a few minutes. Henry in puberty? Oh no. I don’t even want to THINK about what that’s going to mean. He’s already terribly physically inappropriate, grabbing people, pulling on their clothes, burying his face in bodies, hugging too long and too … um…. violently. No thank you. I’ll pass on this, if you don’t mind.

I hate to think about it. Isn’t there a pill or a powder I can put in his yogurt to just skip this stage? It’s one thing for a child who can understand what’s happening or for a child who you can talk to and explain things to them, but Henry is just not that child. Can’t he just stay, like, 10? Grrrrph.

My photography business is growing & that’s cool. I am now the photographer for 3 different theatre groups, which is probably close to the limit of what I should book for that. Otherwise, tech weeks start overlapping and it becomes problematic to shoot that ever-important FINAL DRESS REHEARSAL. But I’m also getting more one-time shoots as well, which I’m loving.

Other thoughts….okay.

Weather channels: can you please stop your EXTREMEWEATHERROCKERS from standing out in the midst of the eyewall of the horrible storm? I’m literally waiting, jaw clenched & nails digging into my arms, for every one of them to get scooped up by the 140 mph wind and thrown into a building or into the storm surge that’s RIGHT BEHIND THEM, or just off into the ocean where we will get to watch them die, live, on TV. I know you don’t want them in front of glass that can shatter and kill them all, either, but it’s so stressful to wonder if this is the time the earth actually murders them for their careless behavior.

I’ve never lived in an area that has to worry about hurricanes. I have no idea what goes into the process of preparing or determining whether to stay or go or “riding the storm out” or any of it. But here’s what I do know. JUDGING OTHER PEOPLE ABOUT THEIR DECISION WHEN YOU AREN’T THERE AND DON’T KNOW WHAT’S HAPPENING OR WHAT THEY’RE FACING IS BEING AN ASSHOLE. I saw way too much of this during Harvey and now with Irma. Yes, it’s optimal for everyone to have the ability to evacuate for safer territory. Not everyone has that option. Not everyone has the ability to leave. Whether it’s being literally immobile or not have the money or means to drive away or being homeless or whatever. Yes, there are buses and shelters and emergency evacuation services. What if you’re stuck in bed at home and can’t get on a bus? What if you’re homeless and have been in shelters before where really bad things have happened to you and you’re not setting foot in one again? What if the storm turns at the last minute and you THOUGHT you were safe, but now you’re not and it’s literally too late to get in the car and go anywhere? What if you don’t have any family or friends to ask for help? For as many people are there are, there are that many different situations. If you are able to leave, that’s wonderful. If you’re able to help others leave, that’s even better. If you are somewhere else in the country watching it on TV and you think you know better? SHUT UP. When you’re IN IT and you’re following coverage and see that your only way out of there is blocked and at a standstill and the gas stations are running out of gas and you have to decide whether to try to stay and hunker down or attempt an escape and have the possibility of being stranded in your car on a blocked highway while the hurricane hits you? You make the best decision you can in that moment. Is it always optimal? No. Is it even always the best decision you could have made? Probably not. But if you’re not making the decision for yourself, shut up forever.

One last thing. If you have the pleasure of visiting one of our national parks or a gorgeous huge forest or a national landmark or something like that. DON’T BE A DICK. Put your damn fireworks away. Don’t smoke. Stop screwing around with the habitat or the markers or the geysers or throwing shit into a gorge. Stop acting like a complete shitgibbon. It’s not there for you to carve your damn name into or jump around like an asshole or leap over a barrier meant to protect YOU and the natural area & damaging things. Walk through, take pictures, and go the hell home. And if you have to be TOLD that you can’t have FIRE in an area experiencing DROUGHT, STAY THE F&$K HOME. The rest of us are sick to death of you ruining everything for everyone else, killing animals and people, destroying habitats and thousands of acres of woodlands, and causing hell on earth. If your asshattery makes hundreds of firemen & helicopters & police have to go into STATE EMERGENCY mode, evacuates homes & neighborhoods, and causes millions of $$ of damage, you shouldn’t be allowed out in the world anymore. Behave like a human being and STOP BEING A DICK.

Thanks. Have a great day.