Day 4


Well….at least he’s smiling. He is so cute, even with all those little things all over. It’s just that ONE under his eye – so big. I sure hope he doesn’t scar. Another night with very little sleep last night. I’m crashing fast here. I think I’m gonna go to bed early tonight.

Had more trouble with Maggie this afternoon. I don’t know who this girl thinks she is or where she’s living, but somehow she’s under the impression that she’s some big news star & we’re her staff. Oh, I mean, her dirty, uneducated, toothless staff. We got into a blow-out on the way home from school when she decided that she needed to shout over me to tell me how wrong I was. Uh-uh, little missy. I’ll shut you down right quick. So, basically 15 minutes of non-stop screaming helped my burgeoning headache really take hold. She spent the afternoon & evening in her room. She may end up without a birthday party. We’ll see if the attitude improves. If not, I’m sure I can farm her out for day labor this summer.

Then (as if I needed any more), bedtime comes. I go down to get them corralled & walk past this scene in her bedroom. I literally stood in the doorway for 3 minutes with my jaw on the floor. Just…ummmm…duh……what?? How did this get through her brain & out her fingers as a “good idea”? Just unbelieveable. She better praise God for the inventor of the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser because without it? There’d be a little girl with a throbbing backside right now.