Day 10

Wow. I really thought it would have been a lot better by now. I just took my last dose of prescription painkillers, so I’m hoping I can get more to tide me over till my 2 week checkup.

I would say I’m at about 50%. As long as I’m taking the painkillers, I’m doing okay. I still can’t eat most things, so I’m living on ice cream, popsicles and the occasional couple spoonfuls of mashed potatoes or soup broth or cottage cheese. I’m totally sick of it. If I eat anything more substantial though, it triggers throat pain and then I have to deal with managing that. I’m able to drink more, though, so that’s good.

I tried to go into this with a really positive attitude, so I told myself that it wouldn’t be nearly as long or as difficult a recovery as the doctor warned me. I I’m totally not shocked, but I’m disappointed. I thought I had a higher threshold for pain. I thought I was a quick recoverer. I’m guessing it’ll be another 5-7 days before I’m able to get off the pain killers.

I am having some good spells where I’m able to get some things done. Working on pictures, doing a little scrapping. Mostly I’m jsut playing mindless Facebook games and watching old seasons of Saturday Night Live. I’ve gone almost through the entire “The 2000s” on Netflix and now I’ve gone back to the 1980s. I skipped all but the 1st 2 episodes of 1980 because, dear GOD. The 1981 season was better, but only because of Eddie Murphy, really. Now I’m on 1982 and these are some of the 1st episodes I remember ever watching. Mary Gross, Robin Duke, Eddie, Joe Piscopo. It’s much better. I’m looking forward to getting to the years with Billy Crystal, Christopher Guest, Martin Short & those guys. I really, really loved those years. That’s when I was in high school and watched more regularly. I still remember Guest, Short and Harry Shearer as on Olympic synchronized swimming team with Chris Guest as the coach. I think I remember him saying somewhere that his character inspired his “Corky” character in Waiting For Guffman, which is so cool.

Well, that’s all I’ve got. Everything is wicked boring for me as I haven’t left the house in 9 days. Talk about stir crazy? I’ve got your stir crazy right here, folks.