Crazy Lady

I just installed the WordPress app on my iPad. I now can post while I’m lying in bed. What a time we live in, eh?

I know I haven’t written anything new in quite some time. Y’all? I am biz. ee. Like woah.

I began a scrapbook project in September that I am just now finishing up. Can’t be specific in case prying eyes read this, but let me say this: 34 two-page layouts. Two one-pagers. This will be a 70 page scrapbook. It’s a gift. I send it to the printer at the beginning of April. I cannot believe I have accomplished this feat. 

Next on the calendar is Maggie’s final high school musical. She got the role she worked for and is going to tear this up. I, on the other hand, decided that my plate was not full enough so I got the ball rolling on fundraising/publicity/etc. behind the scenes since this is the first year it’s at our school instead of the crosstown school since 2008. In 2 of the 3 years previous, the other school’s parents have coordinated all this and have created an amazing atmosphere of support and involvement that has been awesome. Now we are the hosts and I couldn’t let there be NOTHING, y’know? Thankfully, other moms have stepped up, too, so I am able to only do the things that I can do. I’ll do the photography, of course, and I’m making business cards for the kids to take around.  

  Hopefully, they’ll work well. I’m going to make easel boards to display outside the auditorium with the kids’ head shots, rehearsal pix in the glass case outside the auditorium, and I’m doing the programs. Should be a challenge -I’ve never done that before. 

Okay. Not bad for a first lying-in-bed blog post. We’ll see how this develops…