Contemporary Art?

The greatest living contemporary artist is the Creative uninhibited child at play.  -Roger Von Oech

“Whoa” was the first thing I thought when I read this. How incredibly true this is. Who is more uninhibited than a child? After I read it, I thought about my Steven & how he plays. He doesn’t care what anybody else thinks – he does what he does & it all makes sense to him. He isn’t looking for mass approval or kudos or even understanding. He’s just expressing what’s in his brain. And it makes perfect sense to him. He creates things out of pieces that, to my jaded eye, have no relevance or connection – but he makes it work. As soon as I understand what he’s doing, it makes all the sense in the world.

Take some time. If you have children, take some time to watch how they play. How some pillows become a dangerous bridge that saves them from certain death. How they make what they have into what they need. How they’re not afraid to get dirty or silly or look foolish – they just let it all hang out.

And how can we, as artists, hijack that ability for use in our art?