Cleaning Day

It’s Sunday and that means it was cleaning day here at the Casa de Housesitting my Parents’ House. Cleaning the bedsheets, vacuuming, dusting, quick clean bathrooms. wash the kitchen floor. These are the BIGGEST floors ever in the whole world. And something about Steven makes him come along behind me creating extra messes. The boy, he’s agonna kill me.

But wait – let’s backtrack, shall we? On Friday, in the wake of the d*r*a*m*a* in the digital scrapping community and the advent of “smack blogs” where people get all nasty, rude, vulgar & hateful under the cloak of anonymity, I made a decision. See, the most recent (and most talked about) blog of this ilk opened, make a big splash, and closed all in the space of less than a month. The blog owner wanted to make a blog where people could talk about what was pissing them off and ended up being a place where people could trash talk, start rumors and disrespect the private parts of others. Complete waste of what could have been a useful resource. There was some actual decent, useful, helpful talk going on – but you had to wade through the crap to get to it. There was some talk on DST about the demise of this blog – some were beyond thrilled, some were upset that a possible useful resource had been silenced. Because there totally is a place for people to discuss the issues in the community – under the “safety” of being anonymous – problems they’re having, stuff they’ve bought that isn’t quality, etc. Because that stuff just isn’t allowed in many of the forums. There’s an illusion of the ability to critique, offer feedback & bring up problems, but you often get creamed when you do. It’s all smiley, roses, unicorns & rainbows and real, useful feedback just gets shut down. So, after trying to defend <em>that</em> blog again & again, I decided I needed to put my money where my mouth is. I opened up a blog that will, possibly & hopefully, be a place where these issues can be discussed in a mature, adult manner. No name calling, no mud-slinging, no hate reviews. Talking about what we’re annoyed with, mad about and want to see changed, but as if we’re actually grown-ups. I’m also offering if designers want to voluntarily get feedback on their products or previews as well as scrappers looking for layout feedback. Because people have the option of being anonymous, they feel safer being honest because they won’t get ganged up on, blackballed for their opinions. Which, unfortunately, does happen. So, if you’re interested in joining in the discussion, come over here: DigiScrap Discussions

Then, on Saturday, we ran back down to our old neighborhood and made it to the eye place with thismuch time to spare. They were closing up, but thankfully they let Steve in to pick up Steven’s glasses and Henry’s new……eyewear.

goggles.jpgIs that just… funny??? He looks like a super hero. Or Aquaman. But he’s keeping them on. He kept them on for an hour today before I took them off him. They left little red marks on his face, but he could SEE.

Then the cleaning. Steven, for some reason, was just in rare form today. So naughty. So annoying. First, after I cleaned the master bedroom, he decided to take care of the master bath for me. For some reason, he decided that it would be a good idea to make a solution of Purell hand sanitizer & a brand new bottle of baby powder and mop the floor with it using my mom’s Swiffer duster. The whole floor, covered in what amounted to a powdery paste. Then, I let him go outside to play & he decides to dig in the garden. Leaving big piles of dirt on the stoop & in the driveway. Little stinker. But the coup de grace for today?? Falls on Maggie’s shoulders. We let the 2 of them walk down the crazy-long driveway and get the Sunday paper. Which they loved. They come back all happy and Maggie WITHOUT EVEN LOOKING, tosses the plastic-wrapped paper onto the table, where it proceeds to collide with my live tart burner burning a lovely Autumn Leaves scent. Spilling hot, colorful wax across my mom’s dining room table. Guess who freaked like Joan Crawford?? Praise God, it didn’t go in my computer – which was sitting RIGHT THERE – and it didn’t tip over & start a fire. I simply could not believe it. She didn’t pay any attention – just throws this big Sunday paper on the table without even looking. After spending about 20 minutes carefully lifting the wax off with a spatula, I got enough off that I could pull out the iron & use a towel to get the rest. Heat iron, place towel on top of wax mess, iron towel for about a minute. It heats up the wax enough to soak into the towel. I got it all up. I think I saved the table, praise God.

I got all the cleaning done except the powder room, the guest bath & the basement. Gotta vacuum the basement stairs & around the cat box in the basement. So. Much. Cat. Hair. Oh. My. Gosh. I feel the inside of my nose is coated in cat hair.

Okay. Good night y’all. Got school in the am.