Christmas Pt. 2

Okay – I don’t know why I waited because I’m more tired tonight than I was last night. But, I promised, so here goes.

After we had our Christmas morning, we packed up & headed to my parents. There we had our all-family Christmas with my mom’s sisters & their families, my dad’s family, my brothers, etc. We’re looking at about 30 people total. My mom’s youngest sister & her husband make this AMAZING meal (or have for the past couple years) for all of us, so they were there when we got there. Unfortunately, there’s something wrong with the oven in my parents’ amazing new kitchen so dinner took forever & the turkey was a possible biohazard even after several hours of cooking. Thankfully, there were lots of other goodies to eat. Yay. Maggie & her cousin, Jade (my brother’s daughter) always have the best time ever together. Physically, they’re complete opposites – one’s dark, the other’s light – but they really really dig getting together.


They each got a ponytail-type fall attached to a hair clip in their stocking, so they both put them on & pranced around with long hair, flipping it around every 2.5 seconds. Steven’s best piece of loot was a remote control CROCODILE from my parents. He totally freaked about it – in his Steven-like way, though. Got very quiet & serious & utterly focused about it. It moves all directions, it growls and it’s mouth opens & then snaps shut. It moves v-e-r-y slowly, so the running joke was, “Uh-oh…look out! You’re in serious danger….sometime next week.” Here he is threatening my big brother, Tony, with it.


I spent most of the day hoarding the new baby. My cousin Rosie was there with her 5 day old baby, Jerry. As soon as they walked in the door, I took him. Terribly selfish of me, I know, but no one else stepped up, so I took him. He looked like a little hunter – she had him all decked out in the most adorable flannel shirt. He’s got a full head of dark hair and smells like God’s cologne. I just snugged on the couch with him – letting him just lie on my chest where I could smell & kiss him. Then Henry got….well, jealous isn’t really the word – curious and just a bit worried would be more like it. So he climbed up, too. Please excuse how horrifying I look. I just didn’t care.


We tore through the mountain of presents (I got new pajamas & awesome scents from BPAL!!!!!) and my uncle & aunt & Mom seemed really pleased with their calendars.

Then, my brother, Andrew, got into “actor mode” and we played a cool game called “Celebrity”. I hadn’t played it before, but we filled a bowl with names of famous people – actors, athletes, politicians, etc. There are 3 rounds. 1st round is like Taboo. You can say whatever you want to describe the person except for any part of their name. In this round only, you can pass if you don’t know who the person is. Once you’ve gotten through all the names, the 2nd round starts. Same names are used, but this time, you can only use 2 words as a clue. When that round is finished, the 3rd round begins. No words are allowed in this round – only charades. Each person’s turn is, of course, timed and it was tons of fun! After that, we played something he & his friend, Erika, call “Performance”. One person gives another person an idea – like passive resistance, fossil fuel, The Manhattan Project, coal mining, etc – and that person has to charade it out. Andrew, Erika, me, Steve & Maggie did the charade part & others participated in the guessing. So hard, but so fun!! My cousins & I reverted back to our childhood with a hair train. When we were young, since I was the oldest, every Christmas I’d get Polly & Rosie to play with my hair. My favorite thing EVER. And, because I was older, they’d do it. So, 5 of us sat down in a train and we brushed & braided each others’ hair. It felt like heaven. That’s what heaven will be for me – just someone brushing & playing with my hair for as long as I want. Okay – that’s pretty much all the highlights, I think. Just one more picture to share – the best one I caught. Nothing better captures the love of family on Christmas.