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Cheap Tickets coupon codes

Boy, could I use one. We haven’t gone anywhere on vacation (more than a day or two) in years. We did take a trip around to Wisconsin Dells, up to the UP of Michigan, over through Minnesota, up to Canada and back home, but that was quite a while ago.

The biggest problem, apart from finding the TIME, is, of course, finding the finances. Everything’s so tight for everybody, so vacations end up going by the wayside. Affording travel, hotel accomodations, food, tickets and incidentals just add up so quickly. Even just going on a short trip that’s not too far away ends up being too expensive.

Maybe a cruise. I’ve never been, but I’ve heard a cruise can be pretty amazing. If I were to book one, I think I’d go through to take advantage of their coupon codes to book it. I’m seeing a lot of $200, $300, $1000 free airfare to Europe and other great savings for cruises. I would only want to go if it was Steve and me, though. I’ve got this fear of falling overboard (me or the kids) and I’d be absolutely terrified that one of the kids would go over the rail & I’d have to dive in after them. Then we’d be stranded miles from land, trying to stay afloat and not be eaten by the Kraken.

In my estimation, this is the only way to go in this economy!

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