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Stop the Madness

It’s that time of year again….when the squirrels lose their damn minds and start trying  to commit suicide via road. It seems to be a little early this year, but I’ve noticed every fall the squirrels go banana-wonkers, darting into the road, changing their mind and running back & changing their minds again until you’re…


A Bit of Housekeeping

You spammers, you. You know who you are. Out there writing exactly enough in a comment to attempt to get past my comment moderation/spam filter so my blog will link back to your stupidness. I HATE you. You have annoyed me so much. Every day, I get comment moderation notification for 6-10 comments and, with…


Wordless Wednesday

This was right after a big storm passed over. About an hour before dusk, the sky was filled with color and huge, impressive clouds. I love when it’s like this – all pink and blue and purple. It’s almost like God’s showing off, y’know? I also liked the way the basketball court looked. Empty, wet,…