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If you ask people who don’t know someone with Down Syndrome to describe what emotions come to mind when they think about Down Syndrome, I bet there are a lot of different answers. I bet you’d get words like “disappointment”,  “can’t”, “wont’”, “loss”, “sad” and other words with a more negative connotation. Unfortunately, those without…



Oh my. I’m so tired. School has begun for everyone but Steven, but his starts on Tuesday. Since William starts at 7:40 am (what the…???), I’m up at 6:45 right now. Starting Tuesday, I’ll be up at probably 6:30 or so. Have I mentioned how much I hate getting up early? Because…yeah. So far, William…


Christmas Rewind

Wow…what a Christmas. I know I recounted some of it on Christmas Day, but I was distracted by actually being in the moment with family (imagine that – real life trumping online life!!), so I wanted to get a little more in detail & share some pictures. So. On the 23rd, we had a celebration…