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Many Feels.

I haven’t posted in forever. I know. Like, in 2 months. I cannot begin to tell you how crazy I’ve been.  Since I last posted, Henry turned 11, I turned 46, I photographed 2 shows at Maggie’s school, a show at Woodstock North, 2 Woodstock Musical Theatre Company shows, the Royal Holiday Tea Party at…


What Have I Created?

While it’s true I haven’t posted much lately at all, I definitely haven’t been lazy. I have been creative. I’ve done some scrapbooking, lots of crochet, and even taught myself to knit! I thought I’d take a minute to share some of the things I’ve made. As always, if it’s a scrapbook layout, I’ll link…


Iz Not Ded…….Agin

Over a month. Yeah, I stink. I know. So, I’ve been wearing my photographer’s hat lately. Doing the musical, “Meet Me in St. Louis”. Taking 8 billion pictures and then having to process them, which consists of opening the RAW file in Lightroom and fixing white balance, exposure, sharpening. Then opening in Photoshop to pop…