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Getting older sucks. Like, really sucks. For a multitude of reasons. But the worst reason is that the older you get, the more people you lose. And I’ve never been good with saying goodbye. Yes, it’s been months since I’ve posted. Probably nobody even reads this stuff anymore, which I guess isn’t really the point,…



That stupid hashtag is way overused. Instagram celebrities using it for really good coffee or finding a nice parking spot or otherwise finding/getting some sort of cool swag. Puh-leeze. You want to know what truly makes you blessed? Friends. People who love you. People who go out of their way to show you that they…



I’m pissed. There will be swears. If that is problematic for you, may I recommend returning back from whence you came. In the past 2-3 weeks, the insanity that has taken over our country has been….breathtaking. Jaw-dropping. Mind-numbing. Overwhelming. I mean, we all knew Trump was an idiot, Pence is insane, and Bannon’s a racist…