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What Have I Created?

While it’s true I haven’t posted much lately at all, I definitely haven’t been lazy. I have been creative. I’ve done some scrapbooking, lots of crochet, and even taught myself to knit! I thought I’d take a minute to share some of the things I’ve made. As always, if it’s a scrapbook layout, I’ll link…


So Much More

When I last left off, I told you about our new van. However, I haven’t taken the time to take pictures of it in the day yet, so that will have to wait for another day. I will tell you about the other things I didn’t get to in the last post, though. Crochet. Like…


Mo’ Chapeau

Now that I’m finished with getting the blog up & running again, I’m getting back on top of other things. Doing more crochet. Listing things on etsy. I’ve got scrapping to catch up on. And, of course, making sure the kids get their requisite twice-monthly doctor visit. Sheesh. I had to take William back yesterday…