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Holiday Glasses!

Have you ever thought about getting holiday-specific glasses? Probably not – most of us don’t change our frames with the changing of the seasons. Because, traditionally, glasses are so expensive that who can afford to have 4-6 pairs of glasses, right? Enter Zenni Optical. Right now, they have a whole section just for Holiday frames…


Thanksgiving Celebrations

It’s coming…..right around the corner…..descending upon us. It’s Thanksgiving! I loooove Thanksgiving. I’ll admit it freely – mostly because of the food. I couldn’t really care less about the turkey – it’s the rest of it. The stuffing – cornbread & traditional – the sweet potatoes, the rolls and breads and, of course, the pumpkin…


Win an Eames chair!!

Modern furniture – I have to admit, I’ve never been a big fan. The sleek modern look hasn’t been my favorite. If I had to choose a favorite furniture style, I’d probably pick Arts & Crafts/Mission style. That look is beautiful to me. However, if I DID like the modern style of furniture, this would…