Can this week just be over now??

PLEASE?!?!?! Today was the craptastingist, schmucktabulousest, garbagefestivus day of all days. I am so tired. I have a headache that makes me think there has to be an alien preparing to burst forth from my eye sockets. I want to spew vinegar and sulfur on anyone who looks at me funny. Up early to get Maggie ready for CYT camp, Steven ready for MCS camp, Henry fed & dressed and me vertical. Head off to the town where the camp is (about 30 minutes away), directly into these clouds:


As we arrive in aforementioned town, the lightning strikes begin. Like – 100 yards away from our parking lot. We run inside as if the very demons of hell are chasing us. I take my morning pictures for the day and get ready to go. I go out to pull the car up so Henry doesn’t have to get drenched. Rather than backing out of my space, I decide to go forward. Mistake #1 of the day. Y’know these things…?


Yeah. Up & over and SLAM the undercarriage of the car down on it. Yes. I swore. I realize I really can’t keep going forward because who knows what dangly thing will catch and RIP off the car. So…reverse. Except I didn’t have enough momentum, so I go nowhere. I pull foward just an itty bit, put it in reverse and go up…..and SLAM back down exactly where I was. Lather, rinse, repeat. Finally, I pull forward one more time, put it in reverse and GUN IT. Back up & over and SLAM the nose of the car onto it. But I’m free. I am officially the dumbest person on earth. It’s amazing I haven’t decapitated myself with my own car door. So I had to call Steve & tell him to make that overdue appointment for the van’s maintenance……and, oh yeah, maybe they can check & make sure I didn’t puncture the oil pan or something. ::sigh::

Back home, quickly go through all the pictures to edit & burn them on a CD for the lady doing the slideshow. Then quickly get the new kits loaded into the store (more on that later). In time to rush back to the church to take pictures of “Water Game Day”. Which was basically a boatload of kids splashing each other. But they enjoyed it. Back in the car to pick up Steven. We get about halfway back when Maggie asks, “Where’s my clothes?” What?? Yeah. Girl forgot her CLOTHES, y’all. So we have to turn around and go back – losing another half an hour in the process. Get her clothes & return to the expressway. Go to get Steven. We arrive at the church where Maggie proceeds to climb in the back to remove her swimsuit & get dressed. “I’ll be right back,” I say. (Which she knows means, “stay here, don’t go anywhere, don’t touch anything.”) I go get Steven, sign him out, return to the car. Elapsed time? 7 minutes. I exit the church to see Maggie standing outside the van, pulling on the door handle. And pulling. And then pulling again. I quickly realize what she’s done. For some inexplicable reason that makes sense only in Maggie-Land, she decided to get out of the RUNNING car, lock all the doors and close them. Leaving Henry sleeping inside. With my keys. In the running car. Next to my cell phone. We are LOCKED OUT, y’all. I am now FUMING. My head is pounding, I’ve just finished calling off of vocal team rehearsal due to my headache (which is quickly becoming the tsunami of headaches) and all I want to do is lie down. And I’m locked out of my car. I have to go inside to call Steve to come rescue us. After waiting in the 88 degree sun for 30 minutes, he arrives with his key fob auto unlocking thingie. Which didn’t work. Now? I’m crying. Because he has to drive home where his key to the van is since it was removed 2 weekends ago & he didn’t replace it on the keychain. I’m now so angry I want to bash my head into the hood. But since I have NO CHOICE, I sit down on the grass and wait for another half an hour for Steve’s return. I’m now sweaty, mad as a hornet and in excrutiating pain. I lost an hour and a half of my day due to Maggie’s irresponsibility. Now I’m crying because it’s after 5pm and I have 50 new pictures to go through tonight and I have at least 4 layouts to do with them for the magical, fantastical photo board I agreed to do when I was high on crack on Monday. And my head HURTS. When I get home, I can’t even catch a nap because my head is pounding so much I can’t sleep. And I can’t stop thinking about all I have to do. So, I sat in the dark on my bed, editing pictures and making 1 LO. I have 3 to go. I can do it tomorrow, right? RIGHT????