Calm: Day 1

So, yesterday I claimed my words for this year. Today was the first day I tried to implement the word “CALM”. And, while it was a challenge, I did pretty well, I think. Somehow, already, the idea of this is implanted in my brain. I know this because every time I felt I was losing my cool, the word “calm” started passing through my head. Which calmed me. I actually only screamed at my kids 3 times today, which is really quite awesome. Usually, when the kids are home all day, I scream close to a dozen times. Today, it was 3. The other times, I stopped myself and just did some breathing. Then I handled the situation calmly. I can’t believe it. And when things weren’t going necessarily the way I wanted, I just went with it. Though I did tell my kids when their actions were disappointing or upsetting  me – I just didn’t yell about it. I cannot fully express what a big deal this is in my house. If you look up the word “overreaction” in the dictionary, there’s a picture of me losing my cool right there in the margin. I overreact. A lot. I flip out. Way too much. I’m really, really proud of how I did today.

Then there’s “HARMONIZE”. Today I saw that word as meaning working in what my kids wanted to do in with what I wanted to do – “harmonizing” our wants & needs. I knew that Steven & Maggie were dreading going back to school tomorrow. They wanted to do SOMETHING before they go back. I can’t do a whole heck of a lot since I’ve got Henry & William on board (Steve had to go into the school to prep for tomorrow), so anything outside or where Henry will want to “get down” was out. I knew that Steven wanted to check out Toys R Us to see if the new line of Bionicles was out. He still had Christmas money to spend, so I decided we’d do that and maybe go to the bookstore. We did that & I also picked up The Game of Life – which, awesome family game. Then we went to Barnes & Noble to use our gift cards. I got another game for us to play and a couple magazines. Maggie picked up some more books, too. Then we headed home. I fed William & we headed over to my parents house for some more Wii. Mario Kart, Lego Rock Band and Karaoke Revolution today. Steven is so very, very competitive on these games and freaks if he can’t win or do it his way. We have been working on that, but it’/s still an issue. But, I kept my CALM and simply explained to him how we were doing things today and he had to cooperate if he wanted to play. Of course, he wanted me to abandon the Wii and come play Bionicles with him – which….no. I wanted to play Wii. I have no interest in Bionicles. We went over there to play Wii, not Bionicles. Which, to him, translates to, “You hate me”. Can’t figure out how he gets from point A to point B on that one, but that’s not the case. So we did that for about 2 hours.

Home to feed William and Henry. Maggie started the pasta for dinner while I did that. Then we pulled out The Game of Life and set that up to play. This is the first time we’ve ever sat down as a family and played a board game. Daddy got home just as we were sitting down and he decided to join us. We took a little longer playing than I thought, but it was really good. The kids really liked it, I liked it, too. We also have Cranium & a kids version of “Would You Rather” that they’re looking forward to playing. I think we’ll do a once-a-week game night and see how it goes.

Speaking of Rock Band…I wanted to share these pictures I took. The first ones of Steven drumming are “We Will Rock You”. He loves that song.

Here are Steven & Maggie jamming on “We Are the Champions” with my brother, Andrew on vocals.

Here’s Andrew singing – isn’t he cute?!?

Here is my lovely husband doing something (I can’t remember!!) with Maggie on bass, Steven on drums and Henry on the all-important pillow.

Look how much fun my mom’s having with this! She’s just holding the baby while all of us rock out, and I think she’s having more fun than any of us!

And these are totally my favorite pictures. After watching and watching and dancing around, Henry figured out what to do with the drums. I looooove it!!

I am totally loving this. All of us, together, rocking out and enjoying each other’s company. Thank you, o Wii.