Buy My Junk!

I’m sitting outside, sweating, waiting for people to come and buy our junk. And buy they are! I’m actually pretty surprised how well this sale is going so far! The entire edge of the garage is lined with racks of clothes. Steven has 2 shoeboxes full of Thomas trains, a table full of Thomas bridges & buildings, a big box full of tracks. I am wicked exhausted. But so far, all the tracks, all but 2 of the buildings, half the trains, 3 of Maggie’s American Girl dolls and a boatload of clothes have gone out the door. Steven’s already made over $100! And it’s hot. But not as hot as it could be, so I won’t complain….too much.

Henry started back to school and is doing remarkably well. His teachers say he’s awesome – actually sitting down and doing work like a typical 1st grader. He’s sitting at the table with the big kids and behaving appropriately. Every day I get a good report, which is blowing my mind. I’m so proud of him!

Steven & Maggie don’t start till next Wednesday and I am SO READY for them to start. Steven especially. His literalism and stubbornness are driving me insane. Where most kids will take the hint when you say, “Oh, my GOD, be quiet!!”, Steven does not. He just keeps talking. And talking. And talking. And insisting he’s right, which he’s not. Makes for an excellent recipe for driving Mom insane.

You know what’s funny about garage sales? The useless crap people will buy. My dad brought over a whole boatload of rusty metal stuff that’s pretty much indeciperable and, of course, that’s some of the first stuff to go. Well, that and all my gorgeous Gymboree baby clothes. That stuff is flying out of the garage.

Have you ever gotten to the point where your brain just stops functioning? Where you can’t form a coherent sentence or grab hold of any idea? Yeah, that’s where I m today. I catch just a little wispy thread of an idea and before I can pull it in, it’s gone. So I’m going to pack it in for now., Maybe later I’ll be able to entertain y’all with pithy & interesting insights. Or not. We’ll see.